Class 10 English Chapter 11 MCQ

Class 10 English Chapter 11 MCQ topic The Proposal – Multiple Choice Objective Questions with answers and explanation for session 2021-2022. These MCQs based on Chapter 11 of Class 10 English NCERT First Flight Book which provide an ample revision for the preparation of CBSE exams.

It includes almost all the sections of latest NCERT textbook and all expected questions for the exams.

Class 10 English Chapter 11 MCQ


LOMOV: Never mind about people! The Lomovs have all been honourable people, and not one has ever been tried for embezzlement, like your grandfather! NATALYA:All, all, all!
CHUBUKOV: Your grandfather was a drunkard, and your younger aunt, Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away an architect, and so on…
LOMOV: And your mother was hump-backed. (Clutches at this heart) Something pulling in my side My heart Help! Water!
CHUBUKOV: Your father was a guzzling gambler! Choose the option that correctly identifies the tone of the characters in the given extract.


Choose the option that correctly identifies the tone of the characters in the given extract

[A]. (1) and (2)
[B]. (2) and (4)
[C]. (1) and (3)
[D]. (3) and (4)

The playwright’s intention in the given extract is to

[A]. throw light upon the weaknesses of the rich in any society.
[B]. emphasize that family history is important in a marriage proposal.
[C]. satirise the superficiality of the upperclass in Russian society.
[D]. send a message that ego is not healthy in any relationship.

If according to Chubukob and Natalya, Lomovs are not “honourable people”, why do they still consider Lomov’s proposal?

[A]. Natalya can take care of her father if she marriage close by.
[B]. They were exaggerating in the argument and didn’t mean it.
[C]. They understand that honour is superficial and overrated.
[D]. Lomov’s status in society supersedes everything.

Imagine you found the playwright’s notes for each scence in the play and notiched that some of the words were missing. Choose the option that fills the missing words most appropriately. A conversation that starts pleasantly quickly turns into a (i) _agrument. With (ii) _ _of Oxen Meadow sat the he heart of the matter Lomov and Natalya quarrel and are later joined by Chubukov. Thus begins (iii) of insults, accusations and, name-calling. All (iv). _disappears. Eventually, Lomov leaves clutching at his heart, his foot numb.

[A]. (i)petty; (ii) history; (iii) series; (iv) politeness
[B]. (i)vicious; (ii) ownership; (iii) circus; (iv) civility
[C]. (i)curious; (ii) land; (iii) out pouring; (iv) laughter
[D]. (i)ugly; (ii) neighbourhood; (iii) barrage; (iv) goodness


CHUBUKOV: What a weight of my shoulders, out!
NATALYA: But, still you will admit now that Guess is worse than Squeezer.
LOMOV: Better!
CHUBUKOV: Well that’s away to start your family bliss! Have some champagne!
LOMOV: He’s better!
NATALYA: Worse! worse! worse!
CHUBUKOV: (trying to shouther down) Champagne! Champagne!


Which of the following titles of Shakespear’s play might best apply to their relationship of Lomov and Natalya relationship?

[A]. The Taming of the Shrew
[B]. Romeo and Juliet
[C]. As you like it
[D]. Two gentleman of Verona

How would characterise Chubukov’s mood based on the given extract?

[A]. cautious and celebratory
[B]. relieved and jubilant
[C]. merry, yet thoughtful
[D]. grateful, yet hurt

Choose the option that correctly uses the idioms to fill in the blanks of the paragraph below. In a team, it is important to: (1) ———–Otherwise, you would become (ii) __, and incur the displeasure of the others, when that happens, you (iii) -. However, for the others, not having to carry you along would be a (iv) _.

[A]. (Ipull your weight; (ii) deadweight; (iii) the weight of the world on your shoulders; (iv) weight off the shoulders.
[B]. (1) weight yourself; (ii) the weight of the world on your shoulder; (iii) like dead weight; (iv) weight off their shoulders
[C]. (I)throw weight around; (ii) worth your weight in gold; (iii) weight off your shoulders; (iv) dead weight
[D]. (1) lend weight to someone; (ii) heavy weight; (iii) like pulling your weight; (iv) weight off their shoulders

The liberal use of exclamatory marks in the given extract indicates that the characters are expression

[A]. apologies in a solemn and heart felt tone.
[B]. good counsel and advice in a serious matter.
[C]. reconciliation on matters leading to an argument.
[D]. strong feelings with a raised voice.


What a surprise! We’ve had the land for nearly three hundred years, and then we’re suddenly told that it isn’t ourse! Ivan Vassilevitch, I can hardly believe my own ears. These Meadows aren’t worth much to me. They only come to five dessiatins, and are worth perhaps 300 roubles, but I can’t stand unfairness. Say what you will, I can’t stand unfainrness


Who is the speaker of these lines

[A]. Lomov
[B]. Natalya
[C]. Chubukoby
[D]. None of these

When the speaker said “What a surprise! She/he was surprised at

[A]. The marriage proposal
[B]. The Evening dress wore by Lomov
[C]. Lomov’s claim on the Oxen Meadows
[D]. Lomov visit her house

The speaker said that I can hardly believe my own ears because

[A]. He/she is deaf
[B]. Was surprised on what he/she heard
[C]. Loud music was playing at the moment
[D]. The voice is too low

Choose the option that describes the antonyms of Nearly

[A]. Option i and ii
[B]. Option ii and iii
[C]. Option iii and iv
[D]. Option ii and iv