NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.5 Mathematical Reasoning in Hindi and English Medium updated for 2022-2023. The questions are explained in PDF and Video.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.5

Class: 11Mathematics
Chapter: 14Exercise: 14.5
Topic Name:Mathematical Reasoning
Content Type:PDF, Videos and Online Text
Medium:Hindi and English medium

About Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.5

Exercise 14.5 is the last exercise that you will study in chapter 14 from NCERT Maths class 11. Till now you have learned various rules like contra positive words, converse, linking, and their rules.

There we have learnt and understand if the statement p is true then q is true, but if the first statement is not true, then what makes it false? This is the point where validating statements comes to play a pivotal role. Here you will read about some of the important techniques to find if the given statement is valid along with some rules.

Steps for validating the fact in Exercise 14.5

During answering different statements you took some logical steps. These steps are based on some rules. If anyone wants to validate the answer you shall refer them to the given facts. Rule number 1 is all about demonstrating the steps you take to validate the statement.

These rules are important to pay attention to and remember. Note that there are certain questions where p ⇒ q will not be enough to prove the point. In such cases, given in CBSE Syllabus, you must prove another point along with it.

Questions of Exercise 14.5 in 11th Maths

Though you will not get a lot of questions from this chapter but this possible that you will get some high marks questions to solve. The questions given 11th Maths Exercise 14.5 are easy to solve but take time to understand. Explanation of each question of this exercise are given here in PDF. If students are facing problem to understand these questions, they may refer video solutions in Hindi and English Medium.

Keep signs a part of practice

As you have noticed some of the signs have their own importance and how it is been used to signify concepts. You have to remember all the mathematical representations. In example 13, you will read some symbols or mathematical representations consisting of certain mathematical meanings.

So, when you practice the questions from the exercise and example you are suggested to use them by calling their names. Keeping them in practice will make sure that you will be able to recognize all the symbols in time.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.5
Class 11 Maths Exercise 14.5
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