Class 8 Science Chapter 15 MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) of Some Natural Phenomena for CBSE and state board students updated for academic session 2022-2023. All the questions are important not only for unit test taken in class but the terminal exams also. Practice here with these MCQ objective questions to clear your doubts related to chapter 15 and be confident in exams and debates. All the important questions are covered here using MCQs objective test.

Class 8 Science Chapter 15 MCQ for 2022-2023

Class: 8Science
Chapter: 15Some Natural Phenomena
Contents:MCQ with answers and Explanation

MCQ Tests with Answers for Class 8 Science Chapter 15


Which of the following statement is or are correct?

[A]. Cyclones are a destructive natural phenomenon which can cause a lot of damage of human life and property.
[B]. Lightning is an electric spark on a huge scale which is caused by the accumulation of electric charges in the clouds.
[C]. When we rub the plastic comb with our dry hair, plastic comb gets electric charge due to friction.
[D]. All the above

Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. [A] If we rub one end of a pen made of plastic with a sheet of paper, it attracts the tiny pieces of paper.
[B]. If we take an inflated rubber balloon, rub it carefully with a piece of woolen cloth and then touch it with a wall, the balloon stick to the wall.
[C]. The glass rod is first rubbed with a piece of silk cloth and then brought near the tiny pieces of paper the glass rod attracts the tiny pieces of paper.
[D]. None of the above

Which of the following cannot be charged by friction, if held by hand?

[A]. A plastic scale
[B]. A copper rod
[C]. An inflated balloon
[D]. A woolen cloth

Electric current is to be passed from one body to another. For this purpose, the two bodies must be joined by:

[A]. Cotton thread
[B]. Plastic string
[C]. Copper wire
[D]. Rubber band

Paheli is writing some statements, choose the incorrect statement and help her:

[A]. The electric charges generated by rubbing of friction are static electric charges.
[B]. When a ball point pen refill is rubbed vigorously with a piece of polythene, the refill acquires electric charge by friction.
[C]. All the insulators object like glass rod, plastic comb, plastic scale, plastic straw etc. can be charged by rubbing while held in hand.
[D]. None of the above

The movement of the earth’s plate causes:

[A]. Cyclones
[B]. Lightning
[C]. Earthquakes
[D]. Thunderstorms

Which of the following are transferred from one object to another object when these two objects are charged by friction?

[A]. Atoms
[B]. Protons
[C]. Neutrons
[D]. Electrons

When two objects are rubbed together, then both the objects get opposite charged. Choose the wrong statements:

[A]. The glass rod acquires a positive electric charge where is the silk cloth gets a negative electric charge.
[B]. The ballpoint pen refill acquires a positive charge whereas polythene gets a negative charge.
[C]. Plastic comb gets negative charge whereas the hair gets positive charge.
[D]. None of the above

Which of the following is not likely to cause “Tsunami”?

[A]. [A] A major nuclear explosion under the sea
[B]. Earthquake
[C]. Volcanic eruption
[D]. Lightning

The earth’s plate responsible for causing earthquake is:

[A]. The crust of the earth
[B]. The mantle of the earth
[C]. The inner core of the earth
[D]. The outer core of the earth

Payal is completed her science chapter where she wrote some statements. She wants to know whether the statements are correct or not? Payel wants to take help from you:

[A]. All the objects made of clear plastic as ballpen refill, plastic scale etc., called acrylic, gets positive charge on rubbing.
[B]. All the objects made of polythene plastic or polythene sheet or polythene plastic comb gets negative charge on rubbing.
[C]. The object will get positive or negative charge; it depends on the nature of material of which the two objects are made.
[D]. None of the above

The magnitude of an earthquake is measured on:

[A]. Celsius scale
[B]. Kelvin scale
[C]. Decibel scale
[D]. Richter scale

An earthquake of magnitude 2 on Richter scale is:

[A]. Two times as strong as an earthquake of magnitude 1
[B]. Four times as strong as an earthquake of magnitude 1
[C]. Ten times as strong as an earthquake of magnitude 1
[D]. Hundred times as strong as an earthquake of magnitude 1

The outermost layer of the earth is called:

[A]. Mantle
[B]. Outer core
[C]. Crust
[D]. Inner core

The epicenter of an earthquake is:

[A]. Deep under the crust of earth
[B]. In the mantle of earth
[C]. On the surface of earth
[D]. In the core of earth

Major earthquakes are less likely to occur in:

[A]. North East India
[B]. Rajasthan
[C]. Rann of Kutch
[D]. Orissa

Earthquakes can cause:

[A]. Tsunami, Landslides and Floods
[B]. Landslides and Lighting.
[C]. Landslides, floods and lighting.
[D]. Floods and Lighting

When a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair, the hair gets positively charged by friction. In this process:

[A]. The hair loses some positive protons
[B]. The hair gains some positive protons
[C]. The hair loses some negative electrons
[D]. The hair gains some negative electrons

Read the following sentences carefully, and choose the incorrect one:

[A]. If one object has positive charge and the other object has negative charge, then the two objects attract each other.
[B]. If the two objects have positive charge, they repel each other.
[C]. If the two objects have a negative charge, they repel each other.
[D]. Since, a charged balloon and a charged ball pen refill having unlike charges, they repel each other.

The tremendous electric charges in the atmosphere which produce sheet lightning in the clouds are produced by the process of:

[A]. Friction
[B]. Induction
[C]. Conduction
[D]. Convection

The place inside the earth’s crust where the earthquake is generated is called:

[A]. Seismic zone of the earth
[B]. Epicentre of the earthquake
[C]. Fault zone of the earth
[D]. Focus of the earthquake

An inflated rubber balloon is rubbed with a woolen cloth whereas a ballpoint pen refill is rubbed with a polythene bag. Which of these will get positively charged?

[A]. Inflated rubber ballon and woolen cloth
[B]. Woolen cloth and ball point pen refill
[C]. Inflated rubber ballon and polythene bag
[D]. Woolen cloth and polythene bag

Consider the following statements and choose the correct one:

[A]. Lightning strikes are more frequent in hilly areas because in such area’s clouds are comparatively closer to the ground than in the planes.
[B]. When lighting strikes the earth, it can cause a lot of destruction by damaging property and killing people.
[C]. Lightning conductor is a device used to protect a building from the effects of lightning.
[D]. All the above

Choose the incorrect statements, if we are at home when an earthquake occurs:

[A]. If we are in bed, we should just move on the bed to be close to a wall but not get up from the bed.
[B]. We should stay away from tall and heavy objects and glass windows.
[C]. We should take shelter under a study table or kitchen counter and stay there till the shaking due to earthquake stops.
[D]. None of the above

In a quiz competition, you are asked a question where you have to choose the statement which is/ are incorrect?

[A]. The innermost part of the earth is called its “Core”.
[B]. The central region of earth is called “Mental”.
[C]. The outermost layer of the earth is called “Crust”.
[D]. The crust of earth is totally one piece of plate.

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