NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physical Education

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physical Education, NCERT Solutions Physical Education Class 12 (+2) and Important questions with answers in English Medium and Hindi Medium, Questions from CBSE previous year papers with 1 mark, 3 marks and 5 marks with answers according to latest CBSE Syllabus of NCERT / CBSE & Board papers solutions are now available to study online. In this section, a lot of changes are to be done frequently, that is why the PDF of the solutions are not being provided for Physical Education. After uploading sufficient amount of content about this subject, we will provide PDF file to download  NCERT Books online.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physical Education

Chapter 1: Planning in Sports / खेलों में योजना

Chapter 2: Sports and Nutrition / खेल व पोषण

Chapter 3: Yoga and Lifestyle / योग और जीवन शैली शारीरिक

Chapter 4: Physical Education and Sports for Differently – Abled / शिक्षा और खेल – विभिन्न अक्षमताओं एवं विकारों के संदर्भ में

Chapter 5: Children and Sports / बच्चे तथा खेल

Chapter 6: Women and Sports / महिलाएँ और खेल

Chapter 7: Test and Measurement in Sports

Chapter 8: Physiology and Sports

Chapter 9: Sports Medicine

Chapter 10: Biomechanics and Sports

Chapter 11: Psychology and Sports

Chapter 12: Training in Sports

New questions of each chapter will be uploaded every week. If you require the questions of any particular chapter or want give any suggestion, please specify through “FORUM“, we will upload that chapter first.