Due to the coronavirus outbreak, digitalization of everything has become very common. Most of the things from studying, interviews, and even examinations have become digital. It has become very important to match the benchmark of online examination to that of offline exams for the examination conducting committee and ensure reduction of fraud. All this requires the support of adequate technology. Online proctoring services have come to the rescue and make conducting online examinations an easy process. Remote proctoring has made it easy to conduct interview exams online, there are high chances for the candidate to easily cheat in interview exams as they often appear for exams from remote locations.

It becomes difficult for the hiring professionals to keep a proper check on the candidate. So to combat this situation companies have started using remote proctoring software that allows screen mirroring that helps the conductor to observe the actions of the candidate and make sure to deter the candidate from cheating by reporting any suspicious activity of the candidate that are sitting for the examination remotely. There are several advantages associated with the use of remote proctoring service discussing a few below.

  • Quick: Conducting an examination can be a lengthy process as it involves several steps as well as people. Online examination is an easy way which saves the hassle of conducting an exam and saves time for many people. Remote proctoring reduces the requirement of the individual for supervising students that makes examination swift.
  • Safety: Remote proctoring in online examination makes it easy to overlook applicants appearing for exam as compared to offline exams and saves the cost of avoiding any ambiguous activity. Remote proctoring makes it easy to conduct exams online and reduces complexity to a great extent.
    Huge candidate pool: Remote proctoring helps in organizing examinations for a huge pool of candidates. The candidate can sit for the exam from their location, so remote proctoring has become a convenient option for both students as well as the company.
  • Fast result: It helps in delivering quick results, candidates can verify their results and evaluate their exams quickly. Online proctoring intensifies the evaluation process and the result can be announced as soon as the exam finish.
  • Cost-effective: With the reduction of the requirement of supervisors for the examination during online exams the cost of conducting exams reduces as well. Moreover, online proctoring software requires a one-time investment unlike the cost of printing questioners and answer sheets for candidates. Due to proctoring, software recruitment exams can be conducted more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, they are cost-effective and saves from many expenses that the company would have incurred if the exam was conducted offline. They help in evaluating a large number of candidates easily. It also saves the cost of arranging and exam centers and appointing physical proctors.
  • Record: Proctoring software helps in maintaining a record of the assessment test which ensures that the test was fairly conducted which helps in decreasing the potential discrimination lawsuits against the company.
  • Convenient: Due to coronavirus social distancing has become essential. People avoid travelling as well as going to places with a large number of people. Online proctoring has eliminated the need of travelling to give exams. Remote proctoring has made it very convenient to sit for examinations at the convenience and comfort of home. An individual only requires a good internet connection and a suitable device for giving the exam.
  • Beneficial for candidates: Giving exams at the convenience of the home has made things easy for the candidates. It saves them from the hassle of travelling to the examination center. An applicant can also edit and rewrite the material easily which was not possible while giving an offline exam.
  • Time-saving: Proctoring software saves a lot of time and hassle of conducting an exam. It provides results very quickly. It saves the time of travel. All of it can be done very easily with the help of technology.
  • Environment friendly: It is environment friendly as well. Proctoring software eliminates the need for paper and is an environment friendly tool.
  • Easy to customize and use test: Some proctoring software also provides ready-to-use assessment tests for evaluating candidates. Companies can use these assessment tests if they do not adequate testing procedures. Also, if they want they can customize these ready-to-use tests according to their suitability and requirements.
  • Reduce misleading and fraudulent activities: Students are often found cheating on one another in the examination center. Remote proctoring eliminates such activities as someone is keeping a regular eye on the candidate. So it restricts any fraudulent activity as well as cheating.

To conclude we can say that with the fast digitalization of everything, digitalized exams have become a boon for students. Proctoring software has become a necessity after the coronavirus outbreak in the world. Neglecting the importance of examination can adversely affect the future of applicants. Online exams are much more convenient for candidates as well as companies. It gives an added advantage of privacy and comfort of their place for the candidates appearing for the exam. Candidates can choose where they want to sit for giving the exam. Exams can also be conducted more frequently due to the ease provided by proctoring software. Reliable safety features provided by online proctoring helps in ensuring the uprightness of online exams. They also help in accessing candidates fairly. Conducting exams online has become very difficult due to lockdowns and a travel ban. To appear for an offline test all a candidate requires is a suitable device with a good internet connection and a functional webcam plus a mike. It does not require a limited number of humans for supervising the examination so it proves to be more cost-effective. All in all, we can say that proctoring software has made selection and hiring of employees an easy concept for the companies. Moreover, they are much more convenient and cost-effective as compared to traditional methods.