Learn English for your personality development to increase the job opportunities, Use solutions of CBSE NCERT solutions to perform better in exams, Learn English with fluency in speaking with personality development. Speaking skills are the basic requirement now a days to propagate your business, job, public dealing, etc. As we enter the twenty first century, English is the most widely spoken and written language on earth. So it is the requirement of time to be perfect in English. So by keeping all the things in mind we have prepared a best method of teaching English. We have created a special quick learning program for working people. English by our academy is one of India’s leading educators with focus on divers segments of education we provide English education to different age group learners. NIOS Online admission and information & help in admission are also being provided by us.

Learn English for Personality Development

Course:Personality Development & Speaking
Learn English

Learn English

We conduct a level assessment test to ensure an appropriate level to start the teaching process. There is options for all candidates with different initial point to start. It is easy to learn only step by step process is required.
We provide a spoken English starting with basic level courses. This course is basically for those people who do not have basic knowledge of reading and writing first we take them as beginners. We require 3-4 months for basic so that we can go ahead.

In this we teach them vocabularies and grammar rules so that they can express their thoughts by forming sentences. When student understand the basic concept we engage him/her in group discussion activity to remove his/her shyness.
After that our public speaking course will help you to quadruple your chances of cracking an interview, striking a business deal or getting fast promotions.


The objective of our course is to acquaint young men and women of the present generation with the details of soft skills that a professional must have besides hard work.
Our course is divided into 3 parts
1. Basic level
2. Intermediate
3. Advance level.
For further details, please contact us.

In basic level we will teach reading, writing, basic grammar, vocabularies and simple sentence making. It takes one and a half month to complete mostly if we find any student for whom this time is not sufficient he or she require more time we provide him or her extra time. And arrange special classes for him or her.

English Speaking

In intermediate we teach all the grammar topics which are necessary to start speaking process and if there are students in the batch are of standard 8th,9th,10th.we give some classes for extra topics which are relevant to their syllabus. It takes two and half months to complete. In advance level we start basically conversation activities like group discussion, debate, sudden speech on any topics.

It is done to make students more familiar with the language and it reduce hesitation students feel comfortable to talk in public.
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Last Edited: January 27, 2022