NCERT Solutions for Class 1 Computer Science Book and its fundamentals are given here updated for CBSE session 2024-25. Students of Grade 1 can take help from the book of computer available in English Medium. It contains the chapter’s explanation and exercises for practice.
Chapter Wise Class 1 Computer Science Solutions
Chapter 1. Knowing a Computer
Chapter 2. Parts of Computer
Chapter 3. Computer Accessories
Chapter 4. Uses of a Computer
Chapter 5. How to Start a Computer
Chapter 6. Using a Keyboard
Chapter 7. Using the Mouse
Chapter 8. Computer Manners

Class 1 Computer Science Study Material

Students can get 1st class computer books in English medium free of cost. Having a good book is important to excel in class 1 knowledge as well as evaluation exams. Grade 1 computer book is the best way to prepare for class 1 computer annual test.

Along with the book you can download computer class 1 subject notes. These notes cover all computer parts and its uses. This note is regularly updated and revised according to the latest syllabus of standard 1. We have a teacher who keeps an eye to maintain the quality of the contents. These teachers have enough experience of teaching and content creation.

Simplified book of Computer for Class 1

Grade 1 teacher knows well where students struggle with computer learning. Teachers systematically and practically prepare notes according to the 1st grade syllabus. Class 1 computer Science book contains the similar notes and assignments. It also contains answers to questions from 1st grade computer subjects. Students should use these 1st grade notes and books every day to be familiar with computer and it’s peripheral. In this book, all the important and difficult topics have been explained in such a way that 1st graders will enjoy learning about them.

Worksheets and Assignments of Class 1 Computer

After studying the chapters given in grade 1 computers, students can also practice the worksheets for better understanding. These worksheets are suitable for faster revision of the syllabus of Grade 1. With this help students can score better in their upcoming standard exams. We also develop many printable study materials like MCQs, Worksheets, Long and Short type questions, Model Papers, Printable Assignments, Holiday Homework, Important Books and previous year question papers. Our motive is that students can easily understand the computer knowledge of class 1.

Need of Computer as a Subject in Class 1

Nowadays, computers are used in all areas of life, therefore it is necessary to teach computers as a subject in the 1st grade. Computer study is a very important subject in 1st grade to get better understanding about technology. Class 1 book is designed to be easy for 1st graders to learn. Nowadays, it is important to use new and innovative methods for teaching 1st grade computers subject.

Class 1 Computer NCERT book

The use of latest information technology, informatics and interactive technology makes learning easier in class 1. In class 1 students have to study English, Maths, Hindi, EVS, GK, Art, Health and Physical Education along with the computers. For this they can check the subject details of class 1 from our website. There is no book issued by NCERT for grade 1 students. Only private publisher’s books are available in bookshops.

How to download Class 1 Computer Science NCERT Book?

There is not any book issued by CBSE or NCERT. CBSE prescribed only syllabus for grade 1 student in different subjects. If any school will to teach computer science to their children, they have to use private publisher’s books for study.

What are the main chapters of Class 1 Computer book?

Different books contain different number of chapters for class 1 computer. The book available on Tiwari Academy contains only eight chapters. It explains all the fundamentals of computer science for class 1 students.