NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight and Footprints without feet updated for CBSE session 2023-2024.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English

Get the all question answers of first flight lessons and poetry with Footprints without feet (Supplementary Reader) updated for new academic session 2023-24. Download NCERT Solutions and CBSE Offline Apps of all subjects in PDF format for the new academic session. All the contents on Tiwari Academy website as well as in Offline apps are free to use. No charge is required to pay for any content. Even there is no login or registration is required to use the contents. We have updated our all NCERT Solutions for CBSE session following the latest CBSE Syllabus for 2023-24.

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Important Questions on 10th English

Why is Mrs Pumphrey worried about Tricki?

Mrs Pumphrey was worried about Tricki. She was shocked to see Tricki because she looked bloated like a sausage. His tongue was rolling out of his mouth. It looked like he had no energy in his body and was suffering from malnutrition. It even refused its favourite dishes and had bouts of vomiting. It spent all its time lying on the rug and panting.

Why is he tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest?

Mrs Pumphrey had started bringing around eggs to build Tricki’s strength along with bottles of wine and brandy. The narrator and his partners started enjoying the eggs, wine and brandy meant for Tricki. According to the narrator, they were days of deep content for the for them, starting with the extra egg in the morning, then the midday wine, and finally finishing the day with brandy. This was the reason why the narrator was tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest.

What does he get from Anil in return for his work?

When Hari said that he wanted to work for Anil but Anil said that he could not pay him. They finally came to an agreement that if he would cook, then Anil would feed him. However, Hari lied to Anil that he could cook and he soon found out that he did not know how to cook. Therefore, he taught him how to cook and later, how to write his name. He promised to teach him how to write whole sentences and how to add numbers. Apart from this, when Hari went out to buy the day’s supplies, he would make a profit of a rupee a day.

What does he say about the different reactions of people when they are robbed?

Hari had robbed Anil but could not go due to some reason. He said that in his short career as a thief, he had made a study of men’s faces when they lost their goods. He said that the greedy men showed fear; the rich men showed anger and the poor men showed acceptance. And he knew Anil’s face would show a touch of sadness for the loss of trust.

How is Ausable different from other secret agents?

Ausable was different from other secret agents in more ways than one and did not fit in the description of a normal agent. He had a small room in the musty corridor of a gloomy French hotel on the sixth and top floor and it was scarcely the setting for a romantic adventure. He was extremely fat and had a very different accent. Though he spoke French and German passably, he never lost his American accent in spite of living in Paris for over twenty years. Instead of getting messages slipped into his hands by dark-eyed beauties, he got only a telephone call making an appointment. In these ways, he was different from the conventional notion of a spy.

What does Horace Danby like to collect?

Horace Danby was a good and respectable but not completely honest. He liked to collect rare and expensive books. He robbed a safe every year and secretly bought book through an agent.

Who is speaking to Horace Danby?

A women was standing in the doorway. She was speaking to Horace Danby. She was young and pretty, and was dressed in red. She said she had come just in time, or else her family would have been robbed by Horace. She, thus, pretended to be one of the members of the family living at Shot over Grange.

How did the invisible man first become visible?

Griffin was a scientist. He had carried out experiments to make a drug that could make human body invisible. He consumed that rare drug and his body became invisible as a sheet of glass. He was completely invisible until he happened to step in some mud, which caused him to leave footprints as he walked. His footprints were seen by two boys, who followed him as long as the prints were visible. On getting rid of them, he went into a big London. He lost the boys easily. It was winter and he put on some warm clothes from the store after it got closed and got dressed by putting on shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat. This made him visible to the people who came to work at the store the next day.

Why does Mrs Hall find the scientist eccentric?

The arrival of a stranger at an inn in winter was in itself a strange occurrence. Moreover he had an uncommon appearance. Mrs Hall’s put in all her efforts to be friendly but he was in no mood to talk to anyone. He told her that he had no desire to talk, and that all he wanted was solitude. He did not wish to be disturbed in his work and his face had been affected by an accident. For all these reasons she regarded him as an eccentric scientist.

“Griffin was rather a lawless person.” Comment.

It is rightly said that Griffin was a lawless person. He was not a law abiding citizen. He did acts that were against the law of the country. Griffin set fire to the house and became a homeless wanderer. He also robbed a shopkeeper of all the money he could find. He stole the housekeeping money from the clergyman’s desk. Griffin also attacked Mrs. Hall when she entered his room. All these activities and instances prove that he was really a lawless person.

How did a book become a turning point in Richard Ebright’s life?

It all started with Richard Ebright’s interest in collecting butterflies. He also collected rocks, fossils and coins. His mother said that by the time he was in the second grade, he had collected all the twenty-five species of butterflies found around his home town. This would have been the end of his butterfly collecting. Until his mother got him a book called “The Travels of Moarch X”. This book told him about the migration of monarch butterflies to Central America. It opened the world of science to an eager young kid. This proved to be turning point in the life of young Richard Ebright. He began to raise Monarch butterflies in the basement of his home, and study them in different stage of their development.

What kind of a person is Mme Loisel — why is she always unhappy?

Mme. Loisel is a pretty young lady who was born an error of destiny into a family of clerks. He is a dreamy woman, simple but unhappy. Not accepting the realities of life she thinks that she was born for all the delicacies and luxuries. But in reality, her dreams can’t be true.

Why is the lawyer sent to New Mullion? What does he first think about the place?

The lawyer was a junior clerk in a magnificent law firm. We did not prepare legal briefs but his job was to serve summons. He was sent to New Mullion to serve summons on a man names Oliver Lutkins. Lutkins was needed as a witness in a law case. He had expected that the place would be a sweet and simple country village but it was totally opposite to his expectations.

Why is Bholi’s father worried about her?

Bholi’s real name was Sulekha. She was just 10 months old when she suffered a brain injury due to which she always remained backward child and came to be known as Bholi, the simpleton. At birth she was fair and pretty but at the age of two she suffered from small pox. Her entire body was fully disfigured. These were the reasons her father was worried about her as she had neither good looks nor intelligence. He did not know how he would find a suitable groom for her.

Why was the twentieth century called the ‘Era of the Book’?

The twentieth century was often called the Era of the Book. In those days, there were books about everything, from ant eaters to Zulus. Books taught people how to, and when to, and where to, and why to. They illustrated, educated, punctuated, and even decorated.

Class 10 English – Footprints without feet

Class 10 English Supplementary reader Footprints without feet all chapter’s question answers with Hindi translation are given for new session 2023-24. NCERT Solutions as well as NCERT Books are according to latest CBSE Syllabus.

Chapter 1. The Lost Child
Chapter 2. The Thief’s Story
Chapter 3. The Midnight Visitor
Chapter 4. A Question of Trust
Chapter 5. Footprints without Feet
Chapter 6. The Making of a Scientist
Chapter 7. The Necklace
Chapter 8. The Hack Driver
Chapter 9. Bholi
Chapter 10. The Book That Saved the Earth
NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English – First Flight & Footprints without feet

Textbook Question Answers and Hindi translation for Class 10 English First Flight and Footprints without feet (Supplementary Reader) are given to free download. All answers are updated for academic year 2023-24 who are following the latest NCERT Books. Answers of exercises given at the end of the chapter of First Flight, like working with the text, working with the poem, reading and writing section, working with the language, etc.

Feedback & Suggestions

We are updating the solutions of chapter one-by-one. If you have any particular suggestion, please inform us. So, that we can update that chapter on priority. All the solutions are now available for students free. Please keep on giving suggestion to improve the website. All the contents are now updated according to latest CBSE Syllabus.

How to Score a Perfect 100 in Class 10 English

Students have to focus equally on both the books in class 10 English – First Flight and Footprints without Feet. Here in this article, we will tell you about “How to get 100 in English” for upcoming major exams or in other words how to score more than you have anticipated for 10th-grade board exams. Here we will make you understand so that you can prepare the structure “How to prepare” for class 10th English Board exams. So you should give attention to this article so that we can help you with tips wherein you can mold your way of studying and score 99% on the 10th class board.

Step 1: Tips and tricks to score more that 99% in English.

Step 1: Tips and tricks to score more that 99% in English. Firstly, read the chapter at least 2-3 times every from English Reader and English supplementary. Though, Supplementary is interesting and long, post completion of the stories read the summary from our website Tiwari Academy in Hindi and English Medium. Try to remember the character’s name and the easy way to do it is to say that name most of the time without using “His and Her.” The next is to understand the plot (Topic) of the story and this part of learning is easier because after understanding the plot one can recall the entire story.

Step 2: Prepare Summary in own words after reading the lesson.

Step 2: Prepare Summary in own words after reading the lesson. Your answer should not be so lengthy that could confuse you to make you work hard. Like a summary, theme, and poetic on the website Tiwari Academy, you will get some summarize extra questions that can cover the entire story or you can divide the answers into points. This method will give insight into what to answer and what is the sequence to answer the question. It would be advisable to devote around 15-20 hours per week towards preparation for summarising the long answers. One has to firm the grip on a long answer to cover the chapter.

Step 3: Be strict to follow Time Table during the study English.

Step 3: Be strict to follow Time Table during the study English. Timing is very important at this time you must allocate all the notes and sources of studies at least 90 days prior to study. This will save you from the last-minute anxiety of not having notes for some topic that you overlooked. By now you have already studied the characters’ names and are well versed with the plot. So, start covering the NCERT book 10 English exercise because in examination the question will come from the textbook. However, prepare yourself some extra questions apart from it so that the change in question will not startle you.

Step 4: Practice writing to remember well for exams.

Step 4: Practice writing to remember well for exams. The feel of stress and tension is very natural before and during the examinations. A little bit of anxiety is quite helpful as it pushes us to put in the very best effort. Practicing writing gives you an idea of how to start your answers. Know exactly how you want to support your answers in points. Practicing writing the answers multiple times will excel you like thousands of other scholars and topper with time-sensitive exams. Proper English grammar is very important for getting higher marks, so, study each rule one by one.

Step 5: Must have positive attitude to study well in 10th English.

Step 5: Must have positive attitude to study well in 10th English. A positive attitude is a key to solving many of the problems this will reflect your personality as well as your confidence or self-confidence. English is an unpredictable subject so focus on parts of speech in poems. One doesn’t have to spend thousands of rupees on expensive books. We provide you the best English study material for grade 10 on Tiwari Academy. Try to stick to the NCERT question more often because more extra questions will confuse you more. Practice for writing the answer is a skill that one needs to be master in subject.
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