Get here the Class 4 GK General Knowledge Question Answers book all Chapters with exercises and assignment books in PDF following new CBSE Syllabus 2024-25. Get here the topics divided into 50 segments for Class 4 General Awareness including current affairs Questions-answers, activities for CBSE as well as State board students.

Class 4 GK General Knowledge

General Knowledge book for class 4

General Knowledge is a compulsory subject for all the students. Almost all the subjects are included in this one subject. It is a known fact that people who have a good understanding of general knowledge perform well in all fields. They are considered to be knowledgeable or scholarly compared to other people. But GK is really just factual information or general information.

The role of GK in the educational life of class 4 students is remarkable. Tiwari Academy presents here a compilation of 50 topics based on general knowledge for class 4 students. After answering all these questions a fourth grade student can learn a sufficient amount of general knowledge. The real meaning of general knowledge is much more than just learning general knowledge questions and answers.

Effect of General Knowledge on all subjects

General Knowledge is not a new subject in itself but it is a mixture of other subjects. Students will get glimpse of Hindi, English, Maths, Science, Social Science, History, Geography and other subjects in Class 4 General Knowledge Textbook. The preparation of General Knowledge of a Class 4 student can be measured by the updated knowledge of current events in various topics and areas.

Class 4 students can also expand their general knowledge through interaction among classmates. General knowledge helps in increasing the confidence level of the student. A strong general knowledge material can be easily found by students in school books and magazines.

Class 4 General Knowledge Study Material

Studying General Knowledge in Class 4 is a perfect way to develop the talents of the students. The GK questions given here contain important concepts and new and old records, etc., which will help the students to grow academically. Question Answers, created by the expert team of Tiwari Academy, provides best content as per the criteria of Class 4 GK. The question answers given in the general knowledge syllabus in class 4 are used to understand and analyze situations, to improve the perception of the students.

Class 4 General Knowledge Questions Answers

GK is an important part of the syllabus for all the students during the study period, irrespective of the board they are studying through. We know that general knowledge is a limitless subject, so students should always be ready to know the latest information. Tiwari Academy has compiled questions on several topics for class 4 general knowledge which are most relevant to contemporary students.

The questions cover important facts that fourth grade students must know. Question answers are also provided to facilitate the learning process for the students.

What is the syllabus of General Knowledge in Class 4?

There is no general knowledge syllabus prescribed by CBSE for any class. So schools can refer any suitable general knowledge book for class 4. GK can be defined as the knowledge base of broad subjects of general nature. It may include basic FAQ answers, factual information and questions related to records in country and abroad. If the study material is good, then through general knowledge, it helps the students to become intelligent. They can easily perform well in future competitive examinations as well.

What type of questions are asked in Class 4 GK?

All questions in Class 4 General Knowledge have to be answered in one word or one sentence. All of them are obsessed with real life. Most of these questions are based on environment and science. The questions are deliberately designed in easy format so that students can understand and remember it easily. Students do not experience unnecessary stress in understanding and remembering the answers to these questions. To ensure that students get the most out of these questions, pictures of the place or event are also provided in the questions.

How to get General Knowledge related reading material for class 4?

Class 4 students can get free reading material for general knowledge study from Tiwari Academy’s website or app. Here is a compilation of around 500 to 600 questions based on 50 different topics for the students. These questions are selected under the guidance of experts. All questions and answers are given after extensive research and analysis. Class IV students can easily prepare with these questions and rely on them for their exam needs. They will not only guide the students but also help them to score good marks in the examination.

Wonderful Facts
Medicinal Plants
Strange Facts
Strange Facts
Plants Quiz
Great Scientists
Scientific Instruments
Men of the Moon
First in Space
Hello Doctors
Yogic Exercise
Science Quiz
Human Body
Self Evaluation GK Test 1
Golden Sayings
What do they Study?
Writer’s Gallery
Common Phobias
Animal Group Names
Just for Fun
Indian Olympic Stars
Sports Icons
Famous Artists
Dancing India
Self Evaluation GK Test 2
Indian Presidents
Indian Noble Prize Winners
Wonders of India
National Park
India Shining
Facts about India
World’s Longest and Highest
Wonders of the World
People who changed the World
Airlines of the World
Flags of Countries
Brave Explores
Self Evaluation GK Test 3
Interesting Facts
First Names
Bank Logos
General Quiz
Mental Magic
Fun with Numbers
Food Processor
Self Evaluation GK Test 4
Class 4 GK Answers Set 1
Class 4 GK Answers Set 2