NCERT Solutions for Class 10

NCERT Solutions for class 10 all subjects in PDF form free to download. Class 10 Science, Maths, Social, Science, Hindi and English subjects solutions are given below. All the solutions are prepared as well as verified by subject experts.

If still there is any error, please notify us for further improvement. Class 10 Maths and Science NCERT Solutions are prepared in Hindi and English Medium, Social Science is being prepared. Social Science solutions in English Medium is already available to download. Hindi Medium solutions will be available for the academic session 2020-21 according to the latest CBSE Syllabus 2020-2021.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

ContentsNCERT Solutions for Class 10
SubjectsMaths, Science, Social, English & Hindi

Way to prepare Class 10 Science for CBSE Exams

We should read NCERT Book properly for CBSE Board Exams. Most of the questions given in CBSE Sample Papers or Previous Years Papers are asked from NCERT Books only. One few chapters are there which need extra practice. For example, Light: Reflection and Refraction and Electricity contains numerical problems also. Numerical problems requires more practice including some extra questions from various books.

How to study Class X Maths so that it come very easy?

NCERT Book of class 10 Mathematics is good but some of the chapters need more practice with other books also. For example, practicing Introduction to Trigonometry, chapter 8 needs more and more questions to be confident. Similarly, geometry portion also requires extra questions to practice. Students should also go through NCERT Exemplar Problems books after completing the NCERT Books.

How many chapters are there in Class 10 Social Science?

There are total 25 chapters in Social Science Class X. History (5 chapters), Geography (7 chapters), Economics (5 chapters) and Political Science (8 Chapters).

Books for 10 Social Science

There are four sections in Class 9 Social Science as History, Geography, Political Science (Civics) and Economics.
Books are as follows:
Textbook in History for Class X – ‘India and the Contemporary World – II’
Textbook in Geography for Class X – ‘Contemporary India – II’
Textbook in Economics for Class X – ‘Understanding Economic Development’
Textbook in Political Science for Class X – ‘Democratic Politics – II’

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