NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Grammar all chapters updated for academic session 2022-2023 CBSE and other state boards. All the grammar section for Class 5 English is divided into 19 chapters as given below. These chapters contain the topics like what is sentence, Noun and its kinds, number, gender, Pronoun and Its Kinds, Letter and Application Writing, Story Writing, Verbs and Tense, Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Modals, Adjective, Articles, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing and Comprehension.

Class 5 English Grammar for 2022-2023

Class: 5English Grammar
Contents:Study Material and Assignments

Topic wise solutions and Explanation of Class 5 English Grammar

Class 5 English Grammar contains the topics like Sentence, Noun and Its Kinds, Number, Gender, Pronoun and its Kinds, Verbs and Tense, Reported Speech, Active and Passive Voice, Modals, Adjective, Articles, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction, Letter and Application Writing, Story Writing, Paragraph and Essay Writing at very basic level.

Class 5 English Grammar Chapter wise Main points

    1. The Sentence
      Grouping of words and the knowledge of SUBJECT and PREDICATE.
    2. The Noun and Its Kinds
      Learn about kinds of Noun like Common Noun, Proper Noun, Abstract Noun, Collective Noun and Material Noun. Practice with examples, how to identify the kind of Noun.
    3. The Noun: Number
      Making Singular to Plural or Plural to Singular a Noun. Rules for changing Singular Noun to Plural Noun and example for practice.
    4. The Noun: Gender
      How to classify gender of a noun. Use Masculine Gender, Feminine Gender, Neuter Gender and Common Gender.
    • 5. Pronoun: Its Kinds
      Know here about what is Pronoun and its kind. How to use it in simple sentences. Learn the types of pronoun like Personal Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun, Demonstrative Pronoun, Reflexive Pronoun, Emphatic Pronoun, Relative Pronoun, Indefinite Pronoun and Reciprocal Pronoun.
    • 6. Verbs and Tense
      Present, Past and Future tense with suitable use of verbs. Examples and assignments for practice.
    • 7. Reported Speech
      Direct and Indirect Speech with suitable examples and practice assignment to free download.
    • 8. Active and Passive Voice
      Examples and rules for changing voice – active to passive and passive voice to active voice. Active and passive voice in present, past and future tense.
    • 9. Modals
      Use of Modals words like Can, Could, May, Might, Must, Ought to, Have to, Need, Dare, Shall, Should, Will and other similar words.
    • 10. Adjective
      Kinds of adjectives and their uses in sentences. Skill tests for practicing adjectives.
    • 11. Articles
      Know more about articles and how to use it in simple sentences. Practice with examples to use the articles – a, an and the in variety of sentences.
    • 12. Adverb
      Learn about the use of Adverb in different types of sentences and know about the kinds of adverbs.
    • 13. Preposition
      Use of preposition in simple sentences. The right way to use the words like on, at, under, with and other words of preposition.

14. Conjunction
Basics of using conjunction in simple sentences. Types of conjunctions like Co-ordinate Conjunctions and Subordinate Conjunctions with examples and assignment for practice.
15. Letter and Application Writing
Learn here about how to write a letter or application using suitable steps. Know about the difference between a format letter and informal letter.
16. Story Writing
Practice here about the topic Story Writing with examples and sample stories given with suitable title.
17. Paragraph Writing
Learn here about important tips to write a paragraph. Get a brief idea about how to write a paragraph and examples of paragraph writing.
18. Essay Writing
Improve the skills of Essay Writing taking the help from given examples. Know how to write the description of an Essay.
19. Comprehension
Improve you skills in comprehension reading and writing. Know about Some useful hints for solving comprehension of unseen passage.

What is the name of Grammar Book issued by NCERT?

There is no such books issued by NCERT. Students of class 5 can practice through books available in the marked published by various publishers.

What are the topics of English Grammar for Class 5?

The topics of Class 5 English Grammar are the formation of sentences, noun, pronoun, verb, and other grammar topics. The level of these topic is basic.