NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Computer Science Book with notes updated for new academic session 2024-25. Get here grade 3 computer study material with assignments and worksheets for practice in PDF file format.
Class 3 Computer Book’s Chapter Wise List
Chapter 1. Knowing a Computer
Chapter 2. Hardware and Software
Chapter 3. Classification of Computers
Chapter 4. Starting with Windows
Chapter 5. Paint Program
Chapter 6. Introduction to WordPad
Chapter 7. MS word
Chapter 8. Internet

Class 3 Computer Syllabus

Class 3 Computer syllabus contains the fundamental knowledge about computers and internet. Here students will learn about Windows and a part of MS Office. Class 3 Computer Book is helpful in knowing the basics and learn about the use of internet. This computer science book is easy to learn and understand and helpful in standard 3. In computer book student will get ample knowledge about the use of computer at class 3. This book is designed to cover the CBSE or Central Board of School Education syllabus and guidelines set by NCERT for grade 3. So for class 3 this book is as per CBSE NCERT syllabus pattern.

Class 3 Computer Science Topics

The computer science book for class 3 is divided into 8 topics. These eight chapters include the exploration about software, hardware, operating system Windows and other similar terms. Actually most of the schools follow different computer books but the syllabus is almost similar to all. In private and government school, student learn computers from very basic in class 3 computer subject. Most of the CBSE affiliated schools also follow NCERT pattern in third standard.

Main Chapters of Class 3 Computer Book

The main chapters of class 3 computers are software, windows, MS office and software. We also get an overview about the internet and their uses. Students can definitely get all the basics through class 3 computer books. Having a good book is important to excel in class 3 knowledge as well as final exam.

This book is one of the best way to prepare for class 3 computer knowledge. Along with the book you can download class 3 computer subject notes. These notes cover the entire class 3 computer book. This note is regularly updated and revised according to the latest syllabus of standard 3.

Notes on Computer Science in Class 3

We have teachers who teaches class 3 to help them. The teachers have enough teaching and content making experience for 3rd graders. So this third grade teacher knows where students find difficulties with computer learning. Teachers prepare notes according to class 3 syllabus systematically and practically. This includes answers to questions related to class 3 computer subjects. Students should use these class 3 notes and books every day. In this book, all important and difficult topics have been explained in a way that 3rd graders will enjoy learning about.

Study Material for Class 3 Computer Science

You can also practice the worksheets from the subject Computer for class 3. These worksheets are suitable for faster revision of the 3rd grade curriculum. With this help kids can score better in upcoming 3rd standard exam. We also develop many printable study materials like MCQs, worksheets, long and short questions, model papers, holiday homework and NCERT solutions for class 3. Our motive is that students can easily understand the 3rd grade computer study.

How many chapters are there in class 3 Computer book?

The number of chapters may differ in various books published by different publishers. The core concept of each book is same as prescribed by CBSE. The computer book for class 3 given here contains 8 chapters including computer fundamental and basics of internet.

How to prepare for class 3 Computer subject?

The computer subject in class 3 is not a theatrical subject only. It need much practice in practical. So, whatever we read in the computer book for grade 3, must practice on computer in computer lab under the guidance of computer teacher. More the practice more you learn in computer subject.