Class 1 English Grammar based on new Syllabus for the academic session 2024-25 updated for CBSE and State board students. Here the students will learn about Alphabets, Consonants and Vowels, Singular and Plural, use of articles, preposition, opposite words, use of interrogative words, picture composition, letter, paragraph, and essay writing.

Class 1 English Grammar Book
Chapter 1. The Alphabet
Chapter 2. Consonants and Vowels
Chapter 3. Noun
Chapter 4. Singular and Plural
Chapter 5. Articles (a, an, the)
Chapter 6. Gender
Chapter 7. Verb
Chapter 8. Am, Is, and Are
Chapter 9. Has and Have
Chapter 10. Prepositions
Chapter 11. Opposite Words
Chapter 12. This and That
Chapter 13. These and Those
Chapter 14. Spell Well
Chapter 15. Words (Who, What, How)
Chapter 16. Words (Where, Which, When)
Chapter 17. Composition Myself
Chapter 18. Paragraph Writing
Chapter 19. Story Writing
Chapter 20. Application Writing
Chapter 21. Picture Composition

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Continuous review and improvement cycles can be implemented based on feedback, ensuring that study materials evolve to meet the changing needs of learners. Class 1 English Grammar aims to introduce young learners to the basic structural elements of the English language, setting the stage for more in-depth exploration in subsequent grades. In the initial stage, students are introduced to the alphabet and basic phonetics, understanding the sounds associated with individual letters. This foundation aids in the development of reading and pronunciation skills.

Class 1 English Grammar for Session 2024-25

In Class 1 English Grammar, the concepts of vowels and consonants are delineated. Students then explore the formation of simple words and are introduced to basic sentence structures. They learn the differences between nouns (names of people, places, and things) and verbs (action words). Basic pronouns like ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, and ‘they’ might also be introduced, helping children form simple sentences. Punctuation, primarily the use of periods (full stops) and capital letters, is taught to help students recognize the beginning and end of sentences.

As the kids of grade 1 progress in learning English Grammar, they delve into the world of adjectives, understanding how these descriptive words add meaning to nouns. The concept of singular and plural forms is introduced, guiding students on how to denote one versus more than one item. The brief explanation of each such topics are given at Tiwari Academy website and apps.

Class 1 English Grammar Solution

A solid grounding in basic grammar prepares students for learning books and writing assignments. Moreover, language proficiency, aided by a good grasp of grammar, plays a crucial role in many areas of learning and life beyond school, influencing academic success, self-confidence, and effective communication in daily interactions.

The main chapters related to Class 1 English Grammar are Learning Alphabet, know about Consonants and Vowels, Naming Words, find the words related to Singular and Plural and articles like a, an and the.

Class 1 English Grammar includes the topics of simple prepositions that denote location, like ‘in’, ‘on’, and ‘under’, might also be covered. Through regular reading exercises, students enhance their comprehension skills, answering questions related to short stories or passages. Overall, Class 1 English Grammar is focused around instilling foundational language skills, ensuring students have a robust base to build upon in their subsequent academic years.

English Grammar for class 1

In standard 1 Grammar section we also learn about Words related to Gender, terms of Verb, use of has and have, Prepositions, Opposite words, use of This and That, These and Those. Spell Well and Conversation using Who, What, How, Where, Which, When and composition with Paragraph Writing, Story Writing, Application Writing and Picture Composition.

English Grammar for Class 1 is indeed necessary, and because in the foundational years of formal education, the primary objective is to equip students with basic literacy skills. For a language, this not only means reading and writing but also understanding the structural elements that underpin it. Introducing English grammar in Class 1 helps children grasp the fundamental rules and patterns that make communication clear and effective.

Making Class 1 English Grammar easier to learn revolves around engaging, interactive, and relatable teaching methods that resonate with young minds. At this foundational level, it’s crucial to shift away from rote learning and lean towards experiential understanding. Use colourful illustrations, stories, and interactive activities to introduce grammatical concepts. For instance, picture-based stories can be used to teach nouns by pointing out people, places, and things.

About the English Grammar Book for Class 1

In the 1st Standard English Grammar book, students will learn the basics of Grammar with suitable examples. All the examples are based on daily life activities. Sentences are simple and easy to understand. In each chapter, there are exercises to practice at the end of the chapter. Students find it interesting to study the grammar book and its topics.

In the beginning of learning age, children are naturally curious and possess an innate ability to absorb new concepts quickly. Learning grammar aids in developing their language skills holistically, ensuring they can construct sentences correctly, express themselves clearly, and comprehend what they read or hear.

Students of class 1 should what cartoons with moral stories in English. They should use interactive games, both online and offline, that revolve around verbs, pronouns, or adjectives can turn learning into a fun-filled activity. Songs or rhymes that incorporate basic grammar rules can be both catchy and educational, allowing children to remember and recite grammatical concepts effortlessly.

Class 1 English Grammar Book

How to study Class 1 English Grammar

The chapters given in the book of Class 1 English Grammar are in the format of pictures and simple words. Everyone can understand it easily with a slight help of parents, elder or teacher. After completing the chapters, contents are given for practice in the form of exercises. Just by learning in this process, students feel confident in that particular chapter.

Establishing a strong grammatical foundation in the early years paves the way for advanced language learning in subsequent grades. As students’ progress in their academic journey, they’ll encounter more complex texts, engage in detailed writing assignments, and be expected to communicate their ideas coherently. English grammar helps to learn all these things comfortably.

Parents and Teachers Celebrate small milestones, like the correct use of punctuation or forming a grammatically accurate sentence, to boost confidence and foster a love for the language. Remember, the primary goal at this stage is to nurture a positive relationship with English and its grammatical components, laying a solid foundation for advanced learning in the future.

What is the name of the book for Class 1 English Grammar?

There is no book issued by NCERT for Class 1 English Grammar. CBSE issues the Syllabus for every class and subjects. Only private publisher books are available in the market for grade 1 English Grammar. Tiwari Academy also provides a free copy of Class 1 English Grammar.

Real-life applications and hands-on exercises play a pivotal role. Encourage children to identify and use nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their daily conversations. Regular practice, through writing simple sentences or maintaining a daily journal, can reinforce the grammar they learn. Parents and educators should provide constructive feedback, ensuring corrections are made in a positive and encouraging manner.

How many topics are there in English Grammar Grade 1?

In different books the number of topics may differ, but in all the books only basics of English Grammar for Class 1 is given. The main topics related to Class 1 Students in English Grammar book are given above with chapter-wise contents also.

How to practice English Grammar in Standard 1?

A student studying in grade 1, should check the topics of English Grammar in Reader books. After each chapter or poem, there is an exercises to solve for practice. These exercises help the students in not only learning the chapter but to learn the Grammar also.
To improve the grammar section, always try to find the grammar contents in literature books also.

Last Edited: December 19, 2023