NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Science with suitable explanation updated for academic session 2024-25 free to download for offline use. All the chapters are simplified in such a way that students can understand easily. There is no book issued by NCERT for 2nd grade Science. It is just a help book for standard 2 students.

Study Material for Class 2 Science

Chapter 1. Plants Around Us
Chapter 2. How Plants Help Us
Chapter 3. Useful Animals
Chapter 4. Wild Animals
Chapter 5. Bones and Muscles
Chapter 6. Our Food
Chapter 7. Houses and Clothes
Chapter 8. Safety Habits
Chapter 9. Air
Chapter 10. Water
Chapter 11. The Sun, Light and Shadow
Chapter 12. Rocks and Minerals
Chapter 13. Going to the Moon

How to Study Class 2 Science for better Understanding?

The objective of class 2 Science is pretty clear. NCERT wants students to be much more observant and aware of science, and should be able to actively participate during the class. An effective class 2 Science book that adheres NCERT Curriculum builds the knowledge your child, has attained in a previous class by concentrating on scientific concepts. Science is exciting and fun to read in this class. It offers a path for students to discover the world around them or things that are far from their reach.

Step 1: Focus on activities of World around us.

Step 1: Focus on activities of World around us. Second-grade students in Tiwari Academy begin to learn about plant life, the food that we obtain from trees. That is not all some of the chapters introduce the students to vivid animals and what they are being called based upon their habits of eating and habitat. Experts believe that the students in class 2nd are grown enough to initiate the learning basic facts about the planets. These facts such as the water cycle, air, and atmospheric pollution, Sun and Moon even the distance from Earth. The availability of the many colorfully outlined charts and pictures explained the complex theories so implies that even Second grade students can understand them firmly.

Step 2: Foundation Building in Science with Fun.

Step 2: Foundation Building in Science with Fun. Early learning of the science subjects with the basic conceptual skills to navigate the subject throughout the book of class 2 and beyond. Many child education experts at Tiwari Academy, believe that it is important for the young to be ready to answer by bringing the knowledge to use, making sense of knowledge. This not just only contributes to the literacy of science, but also builds skills across the NCERT showed Curriculum. The science book for class 2, also introduces the new form of learning that is more of hands-on learning connects theory. The practice is also reinforced by showing the particle use. These are the skills primary school will hone, sharpen, and increase as they continue to read the book, their education becomes more and more sophisticated.

Step 3: Use Worksheet to Practice well during Revision.

Step 3: Use Worksheet to Practice well during Revision. Although the class 2 Science books are only available at Tiwari Academy, the program contains so many questions at the end of each chapter and topics to test the understanding of the student. These contents are accompanying the lesson taught on a computer or your mobile devices. Get free printable books, exercises are made to reinforce the online material for the parents, who wish to restrict the on-screen time. The importance of using these worksheets is that they can give to you the measure of the comprehensive study material. For example, download the PDF, print them, and let the students number the herbs, shrubs, creepers, and other plants. It is helpful for students to check all the plants in the neighborhood or gardens.

Step 4: Prepare to answer the curious minds with science.

Step 4: Prepare to answer the curious minds with science. Children of the age group of 5 to 8 years are full of so much curiosity, questions about the world and happening around them. They can question the flights and homes of ants, blossoming flowers, and changes in seasons. Maths and science education provides structural ways to show them the way to find the answers in the book and outside the world. Science of class 2 demonstrates phenomena and relationships in the observable environment, while articulating new concepts from ambiguous to obscure. Here, on our website, gives brief knowledge of 2nd Science for the topic to prepare the foundational knowledge. By paying attention parents can generate the quality and interaction for the things around us.

Step 5 Parents must involve and Contribution in Learning Science.

Step 5 Parents must involve and Contribution in Learning Science. Understanding Science and its application play an important relationship in improving arts, policies, and civic life. Parents, Guardians of students in second graders help them to shape their attitudes, which they will carry into their subjects and studies eventually. Parents can cultivate the interest of these subjects while pre-emptying believes that science is difficult or not everyone can do science. Students with curious minds and interest in objects can learn more from the online science book given at Tiwari Academy for second standard. This is based on the NCERT curriculum, along with their primary school education plan.

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The Syllabus for Class 2 Science

As we know that no book is published by CBSE or NCERT for Class 2 Science. The book given here is publish by Tiwari Academy containing the study material for Class 2 General Science. The book of Science for class 2 includes topics like Plants around us, useful animals, wild animals, Bones and Muscles, Our Food, Houses and Clothes, Safety Habits, Air, Water and the Sun, Light and Shadow. This also includes the topics like Rocks, Minerals and knowledge about the Moon.

Plants, Animals and their Useful Products

In Class 2 Science, we study about various type of plants and their uses. 2nd Science Chapter 1 states about the type of plants according to their shape and size whereas the chapter 2 covers the uses of plants in food items, use of seeds, stem and other parts of the plants. In Chapter 3 of Class 2 Science, we will learn about the uses of animals. Here, we study about the things that animals give us as food or in the form of useful products.

Wild Animals, Our Bones, Muscles and Food items

The next chapter of grade 2 Science teaches us about the types of wild animals. We also learn here about the food habits and living of wild animals. Kids are keen to know about the parts of their body. The Chapter 5 of Class 2 Science gives a brief description about the types of bones and muscles present in our body. In chapter 6, we will go through the knowledge food items we need for the growth of our body.

Houses, Clothes, Air and Water

The knowledge of different type of houses is given in the chapter 7 of Class 2 Science. Here we learn about the way houses built and the different types of material need for various type of houses. The safety habits must be taught from the childhood. Chapter 8 in Class 2 Science, all the safety habits are given in sequence. It is one of the compulsory chapters that all the child must teach. Similarly in the next few chapters, we will read the chapters which tells us about air and its components, water bodies, and the other environmental facts.