NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS in Hindi and English Medium (Environmental Studies – Looking Around) updated for CBSE Session 2024-25 free to use online or download in PDF.
Class 5 EVS in Hindi Medium
Class 5 EVS in English Medium
Chapter 1. Super Senses
Chapter 2. A Snake Charmer’s Story
Chapter 3. From Tasting to Digesting
Chapter 4. Mangoes Round the Year
Chapter 5. Seeds and Seeds
Chapter 6. Every Drop Counts
Chapter 7. Experiments with Water
Chapter 8. A Treat for Mosquitoes
Chapter 9. Up You Go
Chapter 10. Walls Tell Stories
Chapter 11. Sunita in Space
Chapter 12. What if it Finish?
Chapter 13. A Shelter so High
Chapter 14. When the Earth Shook
Chapter 15. Blow Hot, Blow Cold
Chapter 16. Who will do this Work?
Chapter 17. Across the Wall
Chapter 18. No Place for Us?
Chapter 19. A Seed tells a Farmer’s Story
Chapter 20. Whose Forests?
Chapter 21. Like Father, Like Daughter
Chapter 22. On the Move Again

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS

Major changes take place in almost all subjects from class 5 onwards. This is the last class of the primary classes. There are many significant changes in the style of study and education. The method of preparation for the exam is also different in this class and the next classes. The class 5 environmental studies solutions given here will go a long way in helping the students to read and understand the text.

Class 5 EVS – An Important Subject for 5th Standard

After class 5, students will need to pay more attention to their studies than before. One of the important subjects in class 5 is EVS – environmental studies. Environmental studies are the study of the environment around us and everything involved in it. In Class 5 EVS we see the inclusion of both Science and Social Science. EVS is a very important topic in our daily life. Learning about this subject will create general awareness in the mind of the student about nature, its resources, and how we should protect it, etc.

Important of Studying EVS in Class 5

The environment today is an important topic not only for all classes but for all human beings. With so many human activities destroying the natural resources of the planet, we must be aware and take drastic action as soon as possible. Students should learn these valuable lessons from an early age. Introducing environmental education early as part of the curriculum ensures that it is possible.

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Class 5 EVS based on Latest CBSE Syllabus

NCERT is a part of the class 5 EVS syllabus in which students must study and write for the exam. It is a stepping stone for science in the upper classes. Since the subject is for class 5 students, it is important to introduce the correct method of study of the subject. NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 5 is one of the most recommended ways to study the subject.

Contents in Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions

NCERT Class 5 EVS Solutions contains all the chapter-wise answered questions from NCERT EVS Textbook. The chapters of the book introduce you to various environmental issues and issues. While preparing for the exam, it is important to take the help of NCERT Solutions Class 5th Subject EVS. This will help you to understand the chapters better and get an idea of the important questions. In other words, NCERT Solutions Class 5th EVS will help you to excel in the examination.

How to get the best NCERT Solutions for Class 5 EVS?

All the responses are written by subject experts who have been in this field for many years and have a clear understanding of how the NCERT responses should be written. The validity and correctness of the answers are guaranteed for success. Since answers of all the chapters of 5th EVS are written in such a way that the students are fascinated and interested during the entire study period. During the study of Class 5 EVS Solutions, an interest will develop in the students which, in turn, will cause them to perform well. For more study material visit Tiwari Academy website and get everything free.

How to download Class 5 EVS NCERT Solutions in PDF?

All solutions are written and arranged in a chapter wise order. This ensures that students can jump to the solution of the question they do not know the answer to. It also helps with a quick review and allows students to be more efficient with their time. Solutions can be easily downloaded and saved in PDF file format. They can refer to their friends these solutions while reading. One of the biggest advantages is that Class V Solutions of EVS are available at no cost to all the students to view and read on the website. Tiwari Academy solutions can be saved as PDF for free even offline.

How to make learning of Class 5 EVS comfortable?

Yes, opt for the EVS Class 5 NCERT Solutions PDF download and experience the fun of learning Environmental Studies in a comprehensive question and answer format. With so many benefits, Tiwari Academy solution proves to be the best option for any student. It provides a comfortable learning medium for the students and enables them to study and learn in the easiest way possible. With Tiwari Academy Solutions, one can understand all the important aspects of the chapter and remember them easily. Many detailed notes are available for reference. You can also download the mobile app for more fun learning tools.

How many chpaters are there in Class 5 EVS NCERT Book?

There are a total of 22 chapters in Standard 5 Environmental Studies – Looking Around. All the chapters are interesting to study. Most of the chapters are providing knowledge about the thing which are our surroundings in daily life.

How to study Class 5 EVS to Score Grades in Exams?

Students need to go through each topic of the chapter and always relate it to daily life events. Chapter of 5th EVS is simply scientific or social facts of day-to-day life. Students always find it interesting to read and understand.

Last Edited: July 30, 2022