NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Grammar all chapters, revised and modified, are given here with suitable examples and explanation. All the chapters contain illustrations of grammar topic, so that students can understand easily. The explanation of Class 8 English Grammar includes topics sentences, Conjunctions, order of words, Interjection, Subject and Predicate, Articles, Noun and their kinds, Punctuation and Capital letters, Pronoun, Active and Passive voice, Verbs, Direct and Indirect, Adjective, Comprehension, Adverb, Story Writing, Tense, Letter Writing, Preposition and Essay writing.

Chapter Wise Class 8 English Grammar
Chapter 1. The Sentence
Chapter 2. Order of Words
Chapter 3. Subject and Predicate
Chapter 4. The Noun
Chapter 5. The Pronoun
Chapter 6. The Verb
Chapter 7. The Adjective
Chapter 8. The Adverb
Chapter 9. The Tense
Chapter 10. The Preposition
Chapter 11. Conjunctions
Chapter 12. Interjections
Chapter 13. The Article
Chapter 14. Punctuation and Capital Letters
Chapter 15. Active and Passive Voice
Chapter 16. Direct and Indirect Speech
Chapter 17. Comprehension
Chapter 18. Story Writing
Chapter 19. Letter Writing
Chapter 20. Essay Writing

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English Grammar for 2024-25

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Tiwari Academy deserves sincere praise for its outstanding contribution to Class 8 English grammar education. This online platform has consistently demonstrated a commitment to facilitating effective learning experiences for students, and its efforts in the realm of English grammar are particularly commendable.

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English grammar is of paramount importance for students in Class 8, as it serves as the foundation for effective communication, academic success, and future career opportunities. A strong grasp of English grammar is crucial for effective communication. Class 8 is a stage where students start to express themselves more comprehensively, both in written assignments and oral presentations.

Tiwari Academy provides well-structured lessons on various English grammar topics. These lessons are often presented in a clear and organized manner, making it easier for students to follow along and learn at their own pace. The explanations are typically written in a student-friendly language, which simplifies complex grammar rules and concepts.

Class 8 English Grammar Chapters
Class: 8English Grammar
Contents:Explanation and Examples of All chapters
Content Type:Text, Images and Videos
Academic Session:2024-25

Chapter wise Main Points of Class 8 English Grammar

    • Chapter 1. The Sentence
      What is a sentence and how to write a correct sentence? Making right to a wrong sentence. Kinds of sentence like Interrogative, Command, Exclamatory sentences etc.
    • Chapter 2. Order of Words
      Proper placement of verb and subject in a sentence. Important points to be learnt like when the Subject is an Interrogative Pronoun, it comes before the verb.
    • Chapter 3. Subject and Predicate
      Proper use of subject and predicate. What are subjects and their identification same for predicate also. The correct order of subject and predicate. Structure of simple sentence using suitable subject and predicate.
    • Chapter 4. The Noun– Kinds of Noun
      Definition and kinds of noun. Examples of all five kinds of noun using suitable sentence. Conversion of verb to noun and noun to verb. Formation of nouns from adjectives, synonyms and antonyms, singular and plural, etc.
    • Chapter 5. The Pronoun
      Definition and kinds of pronoun with suitable examples of each type. Use of pronoun as Nominative case, Objective or Accusative case, Possessive case, Vocative case, etc.

Proper grammar ensures clarity in communication and helps students convey their thoughts and ideas accurately. This skill is essential not only in academic settings but also in everyday life, where effective communication is key to building relationships and resolving conflicts.

Tiwari Academy includes practice exercises and worksheets alongside their grammar lessons. These exercises are crucial for reinforcing what students have learned. Regular practice is key to mastering English grammar, and Tiwari Academy offers a wealth of exercises to help students apply their knowledge, identify areas of improvement, and practice until they are confident in their skills.

Class 8 English grammar is a foundational skill for standardized tests and future career prospects. Many standardized tests, such as SAT, ACT, or various entrance exams, include grammar and writing sections. A strong foundation in grammar can significantly boost a student’s performance on these exams. In the professional world, regardless of the field, effective written and oral communication is highly regarded. Job applications, resumes, emails, and reports must be free from grammatical errors to make a positive impression.

Tiwari Academy’s online accessibility makes it convenient for students to access English Grammar resources from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility allows students to study at their own pace and revisit materials as needed, catering to individual learning styles and needs.

Topic wise Class 8 English Grammar all Chapters

    • Chapter 6. The Verb
      Definition and types of verbs. Finite and non-finite verbs with examples. Transitive, intransitive and auxiliary verbs. Difference Between Primary and Modal Auxiliaries, etc.
    • Chapter 7. The Adjective
      Adjective with examples and explanation. Attributive and predicative use of adjectives. Kinds of adjectives like Proper, descriptive, Quantitative, Numeral, Demonstrative, Distributive, Interrogative, Exclamatory, Possessive and Emphasising adjectives.
    • Chapter 8. The Adverb
      Example sentences of Adverb and its modification to a phase or sentence. Kinds of adverbs like simple, Interrogative and Relative Adverbs.
    • Chapter 9. The Tense
      Kinds of tenses and examples of each kind. Present, past and future tense with its further subdivision like simple tense, continuous tense, perfect tense or perfect continuous tense.
    • Chapter 10. The Preposition
      Definition and examples of preposition. Examples based on such sentences where there is confusion in words of preposition. Use of prepositions in suitable sentences.

English grammar plays a vital role in academic success. In Class 8, students often encounter more complex texts and assignments that require advanced writing and reading skills. Proper grammar is essential for writing essays, reports, and research papers, where clarity and coherence are highly valued. A good command of grammar also aids in understanding complex texts, allowing students to comprehend and analyze literature and academic materials more effectively.

Tiwari Academy offers sample papers and solutions for Class 8 English Grammar. These resources can be particularly valuable as students prepare for exams and assessments. Practicing with sample papers allows students to become familiar with the types of questions they may encounter in exams and refine their grammar skills accordingly.

Class 8 English Grammar Book
Important Point of the chapters of 8th English Grammar
    • Chapter 11. Conjunctions
      Conjunctions and its types like coordinate and subordinate conjunctions. Kinds of Coordinate conjunctions like Cumulative, Adversative, Alternative and Illustrative conjunctions.
    • Chapter 12. Interjection
      What are interjection words and how to use it? Examples and words used on interjections or exclamatory sentences.
    • Chapter 13. The Article
      How to use articles in proper manner? Use of a, an and the in sentences. Examples of indefinite and definite articles.
    • Chapter 14. Punctuation and Capital Letters
      Punctuations provide the correct manner to read the sentence or a paragraph. Various examples based on Comma, Semicolon, Colon, Full stop, Mark of interrogation or Exclamation, Inverted Commas, Apostrophe, etc.
    • Chapter 15. Active and Passive Voice
      Examples of active to passive voice or passive to active voice. Rules for the change of voice. Application of active and passive voice in different tenses like present, past and future tense.

In simple words, English grammar is incredibly important for Class 8 students, as it not only facilitates effective communication but also contributes significantly to academic success and future career prospects. A solid understanding of grammar empowers students to express themselves clearly, excel in their studies, and thrive in their future endeavours. Tiwari Academy is immensely helpful for Class 8 students studying English Grammar. This educational platform offers a range of resources and support that can enhance a student’s understanding of grammar concepts.

Tiwari Academy is a valuable resource for Class 8 students studying English Grammar. It provides well-structured lessons, practice exercises, sample papers, and online accessibility, all of which contribute to a comprehensive and effective learning experience for students aiming to improve their grammar skills and excel in their English studies.

Writing and Speech section of Grade 8 English Grammar
    • Chapter 16. Direct and Indirect
      Sentences based on direct speech and indirect speech. Identification of reported speech and reporting verb. Conversion of direct speech to indirect speech. Rules for changing direct to indirect speech.
    • Chapter 17. Comprehension
      Comprehension of a passage helps to improve our reading skills. Here, we will learn how to find the answers of questions based on comprehension.
    • Chapter 18. Story Writing
      Story writing is always an interesting work for students of standard 8. Here, we will learn how to write a story taking the help of instructions given for the story.
    • Chapter 19. Letter Writing
      Letter writing can be classified into three kinds as social letters, business letters and official letters. The format of all three kinds of letter are given in simplest form.
    • Chapter 20. Essays Writing
      Essay writing consists of mainly three parts, introduction of the topic, body part which contains almost all the detail about the topic and last part conclusion.

Tiwari Academy’s dedication to simplifying complex grammar concepts is truly praiseworthy. The platform has a knack for breaking down intricate rules and principles into easily digestible lessons. By presenting grammar topics in a clear and straightforward manner, Tiwari Academy empowers students to grasp these concepts with confidence. This approach makes a significant difference in helping students build a strong foundation in English grammar.

Furthermore, Tiwari Academy’s inclusion of comprehensive practice materials is highly beneficial. The provision of worksheets, exercises, and sample papers allows students to apply what they have learned and refine their grammar skills. This hands-on practice is crucial for solidifying knowledge and preparing students for exams and real-world communication.

The platform’s accessibility is another noteworthy aspect. Tiwari Academy’s online presence ensures that students can access their English grammar resources from anywhere, making learning convenient and flexible. This accessibility aligns with modern education trends, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of today’s learners.

Tiwari Academy deserves accolades for its commitment to enhancing Class 8 English grammar education. Through its user-friendly approach, comprehensive practice materials, and online accessibility, the platform empowers students to excel in English grammar, thereby fostering better communication skills and academic success. This dedication to quality education is a valuable asset to students, teachers, and parents alike.

Why It’s Important to study English Grammar in Class 8?

English grammar is really important for 8th grade students. It helps them to communicate well, do well in school, and have better job opportunities in the future.

    • Communication: Good grammar helps students talk and write clearly so people understand them easily.
    • School Work: It helps students write essays and understand their reading assignments in school.
    • Future: Doing well in grammar can help students get good scores on important tests and look professional in future jobs.

How Tiwari Academy Helps in Class 8 English Grammar?

Tiwari Academy is doing a great job helping students with English grammar in 8th grade. They make hard grammar topics easy to understand, give students practice materials, and let them learn online anytime. They deserve a big thanks for helping students do better in English at school and in the future.

    • Lessons: The academy offers easy-to-understand lessons on different grammar topics.
    • Practice: They give students exercises and worksheets to practice what they learned.
    • Exam Help: They provide sample papers to help students prepare for their exams.
    • Online Access: Students can learn whenever they want because it’s all online.
Last Edited: December 21, 2023