NCERT Solutions for class 6 English

If you need the questions answers and exercise solutions for class 6 English, download here the best NCERT Solutions for class 6 English both the textbook Honeysuckle as well as A pact with the Sun in PDF format free. All the chapters of grade 6 English language are prepared according to new academic session and based on the latest CBSE Curriculum 2021-2022. The answers of questions given in WORDING WITH THE TEXT are described in simplified way and updated according to new NCERT Textbooks for current academic year.The grammar portion given in WORDING WITH LANGUAGE in NCERT book like fill in the blanks, crossword puzzle are done with related picture format.

In 6 Standard English CBSE English textbooks, speaking and writing skill questions are also given with proper solutions. Solutions of other subjects based on latest NCERT Books 2021-2022 are solved in the same manner. Share If you have any question related to Class 6 English Language, ask your questions with your friends through Discussion Forum. Here you will also find the answers of all questions of supplementary textbook for class 6 English that is A pact with the Sun. Grammar portion for class 6 English is described separately on Class 6 English Language Grammar page. The whole content of 6th English Grammar Textbook is divided into 32 chapters.

NCERT Solutions for class 6 English

Class: 6English
Books:Honeysuckle & A pact with the Sun

Solutions for Class 6 English – HONEYSUCKLE

Answers of all question of Honeysuckle given in the NCERT Textbook 2021-22 with heading working with the text, working with language, crossword puzzle, Speaking and writing skill and the answers of the poem at the end of the chapters. Exercises accompanying the poem are more for understanding the poem as a whole than for teaching language items.

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English – A Pact with the Sun

Answers of 6 English Supplementary Reader – A Pact with the Sun is given below. Students of class 6 become familiar through continuous interaction, discussion, sharing and exposure to the language in meaning-focused situations. Students are advised that read the complete NCERT chapter and try to do the question themselves to understand the spontaneous and natural use of language. These answers give them a handful help to get the idea about questions and way of answering.

Learn English in proper way. Why?

Learning a language means using it for a wide variety of purposes. Language comes alive when presented in meaning-making contexts using words and phrases. Language is best acquired when attention is focused on meaning, not on form. Teachers should build the exercises on the basis of given in the textbook and design more activities in keeping with learners’ interests, needs and surroundings.

To enhance the reading ability, promote the reading habits through story reading, story retelling, choral reading, shared reading with the classmates, etc. Encourage the child to read the poem on her/his own to feel the richness of language, rhythm and music of words.

Important Questions Of Class 6 English – A Pact With The Sun

How did the two baby birds get separated?

The two baby birds lived in a tall tree along with their mother. One day, there was a big storm. The tree came down. The mother bird was killed. The strong wind blew the two baby birds away to the other side of the forest at a little distance from each other. Thus they got separated from each other.

How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the two birds behaved?

The king told the rishi about the different behaviour of the two birds. Then the rishi explained that the first bird repeated the words of the robbers but the second bird repeated what he had always heard at the ashram. Their different ways were the results of their company.

Why did the farmer bring a baby mongoose into the house?

The farmer had a small son. He wanted to have a pet to give company to his child. So he brought home a baby mongoose to play with the child.

Why did the farmer’s wife strike the mongoose with her basket?

The farmer’s wife returned home with basket full of groceries. She noticed blood on the face and paws of the mongoose. She had no doubt that the mongoose had killed her son. So in anger she hit the mongoose with the heavy basket. The poor mongoose died on the spot.

Why was everyone delighted to see the iron chest on the camel’s back?

Everyone present in the palace was thinking that the iron-box contained treasure. The king will dismiss the shepherd if the governor’s report proved true. So, they were delighted do see the contents of the box.

What made Ray think the visitor was not really a shopper?

Ray was deaf and dumb but he was having a sense of good judgement of person. There was no friendliness in man’s eyes. With his experiences with the customers, he realised that the new visitors was not a shopper or customer.

When did “the unfriendly face” of the visitor turn truly friendly?

After getting a fifty dollar note, the unfriendly face of old man became truly friendly. He felt obliged and happy.

Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was ‘talented’?

Tansen learnt to imitate the calls of birds and animals. One day he roared like a tiger in the forest to frighten the traveller, Swami Haridas. Swami was impressed by the skill of Tansen and called him talented.

Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?

After learning music from Swami Haridas for eleven years, Tansen became a famous singer. Once he sang before Emperor Akbar. Akbar was so impressed that he asked Tansen to join his court in 1556.

The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss?

The monkey did not have a company to talk and share. He always felt lonely on the tree.

Why was the crocodile unwilling to invite his friend home?

The monkey was his very good friend and his wife wanted to eat the heart of the monkey. That is why he was unwilling to invite his friend home.

What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?

The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it gives rest to our tired body and relax our mind. After a good sleep we become more energetic and more active again for the work.

Why has sleep been called a wonder?

Sleep has been called a wonder because nobody knows for certain what brings about sleep. Secondly, it transports us to a strange land. It is the sweetest thing in the world. It is a sort of escape from reality.

Why were the sunrays keen to go down to the earth the next day?

Sunrays were keen to go to the earth the next day because they had promised to help Seaeeda. They had made a pact with her that they would bring down warmth and brightness. They forced their way through the dark, dirty clouds.

Why is Prem determined not to return to his village?

The communal riots in his village made his as well as the villagers life unsafe in the village. During the riots, people burnt houses and killed one another. That is why, Prem determined not to return to his village.

What was Vijay Singh’s weakness? Which awkward situation did it push him into?

Vilay Singh was a wrestler and proud of his physical strength. His main weakness was that he was boastful. He wanted to meet a ghost and teach him a lesson. His weakness pushed him into a difficult situation. He was told to go to the Haunted Deserts to meet the ghost and he could not say to no.

What made the ghost speechless? Why?

Vijay Singh tried to sound brave. He looked at Natwer’s face and declared that he was a lying ghost. The ghost felt insulted, shocked and speechless.

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