Class 4 Hindi Vyakarn – Hindi Grammar for CBSE and State board students updated for session 2024-25 to use free. Get here all the chapters of class 4 Hindi Grammar as per the latest syllabus.

Class 4 Hindi Vyakarn (Hindi Grammar)

Main topics of Class 4 Hindi Grammar

In class 4 Hindi Vyakaran, different types of sentences are to be taught. By the completion of class 4, students are expected to be familiar with BHASHA AUR VYAKARAN. Along with PATR LEKHAN, they are expected to know simple application to their seniors. In addition to NIBANDH LEKHAN, they have to express their creativity through KAHANI LEKHAN. They will be introduced to different types of SANGYA and VISHESHAN. Focus will also be on the use of KIRYA, LING and VACHAN.

The Need of Hindi Vyakaran in Class 4

To attain mastery over different types of VAKYA, different types of SANGYA, SARVNAM and other similar terms of grammar is taught in class 4. Children become habitual in LEKHAN KALA. Basically, they learn to read and write decent Hindi in proper paragraphs using Hindi Grammar.

They may not have attain the perfection over written Hindi but they will be able to make sentences of different types of their own. The use of VILOM SHABD and PARYAYVACHI SHABD are introduced at broad scale in class 4.

The way to go about studying Hindi Grammar in class 4

First of all, review should be made of all the parts of speech. Then an attempt should be made to learn different kind of SANGYA, SARVNAM, LING, VACHAN, etc. Since, VILOM SHABD and ANEK KE LIE EK SHABD have been introduced at large scale, construction of sentence based on VILOM SHABD should be practice.

PATR LEKHAN and ANUCHCHHED LKEKHAN should be learnt because that is easy to score in an examination and it also has practical value. Learning the art of KAHANI and NIBANDH happens only slowly. Gradually, the length of NIBANDH (word limit should be increased).

Important Topics of 4th Hindi Vyakaran to be focused

Every topic is now at the broader scale as compared to previous class. Since, LING and conversion of VACHAN have been introduced, their use should be practiced little bit more than the other topics. Teacher should tell them to change LING and VACHAN by giving them proper real life examples.

NIBANDH LEKHAN should be practiced in such a way that there is a variety and newness in the subject of NIBAND and ANUCHCHHED. KAHANI LEKHAN is a creative work. Student should be motivated to develop creative thinking and learn to think in the Hindi Language and Grammar so as to write KAHANI.

What should be the length of an ANUCHCHHED in a KAHANI or NIBANDH?

An ANUCHCHHED should convey the whole idea in a few sentences. Generally, 4 to 6 sentences should be there. There is no hard and fast rule. Dividing the NIBANDH into ANUCHCHHED helps in understanding the whole of it.

How can Hindi Grammar be mastered in class 4?

Just as in any other class, repeated practice is required. Teachers are required to give sufficient practice because in class 4 all the part of speech are taught. A regular practice of words related to LING, VACHAN, VILOM SHABD, PARYAYVACHI, PATR LEKHAN and KAHANI LEKHAN makes a student fluent in grammatical context.