Link Study Materials – Online study material issued by CBSE to the holistic development of students, the Board has brought out the link study materials to support learners and it is useful for academic session 2023-24. It supports the students in their preparation to take up these subjects as electives in the senior school. Download NCERT solutions, sample papers, study material of CBSE and assignments prepared according to latest CBSE curriculum 2023-24. By working through the materials, students can easily master relevant concepts and thereby approach their chosen subjects with confidence and enthusiasm.

Link Study Materials – Online study material issued by CBSE

Subject:Physics, Chemistry, Maths & Biology
Contents:Link Study Materials

Link Study Materials for Class 11

Link Study Materials for class 11 are given in PDF form to free download. Download NCERT Solutions and offline Apps based on latest NCERT Books and following the new CBSE Syllabus. If you have any doubt, related to NIOS or CBSE Board, please ask through Discussion Forum.

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Link Study Materials

The aim of Link Study Materials

The link materials aim to encourage students to become active learners. The more they use and apply concepts, the better they will understand what is taught in class. Therefore, the Board requests all School Heads to ensure that the link materials are easily accessed by teachers and students.

These link study materials are very useful to clear the concepts of the topic given is all the above subjects. For example, students need to know about VECTORS in NCERT Books class 11 to understand the concepts in Physics, similarly Integration and Differentiation are also important.
These material is prepared by CBSE and issued to help the students to cover the missing term in the CBSE syllabus, so that they can go smoothly through the syllabus.

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Last Edited: January 27, 2022