NCERT Solutions for class 8 Hindi (Kaksha 8 Hindi) Durva and Vasant in PDF format to free download for academic session 2024-25, all the solutions are updated for new session following the latest CBSE Syllabus. Ncert solutions of Class 8 all subjects in Hindi Medium as well as English Medium are also available to free download. Apps for ncert solutions for Class 8 all subjects are also available. Durva aur Vasant ke sabhi prashn uttar. Visit to Discussion Forum and share your knowledge to the world.

NCERT Solutions for class 8 Hindi for 2024-25

Class: 8Hindi – Vasant and Durva Part 3
Content:NCERT Solutions
Academic Session:2024-25

Class 8 Hindi Question Answers – Vasant and Durva

CBSE ncert solutions for Class 8 Hindi – Vasant, Doorva aur Vhaarat kee khoj ke prashn uttar neeche diye gae hain. Ye sabhee prashn uttar is satr 2024-25 ke lie banae gae hain. Yadi koee truti ho to vidyaardhee hamen avashy bataen taaki ham use sahee kar saken. All the solutions are in PDF format to free download in updated form for session 2024-25. Download these solutions for offline use or use as it is without downloading online.

Class 8 Hindi Books

There are total three books in Hindi in class 8.
1. Vasant Part 3
2. Durva Part 3
3. Bhaarat Kee Khoj
Vasant Part 3 has total 13 lessons. There are total 17 lessons in Durva Part 3. Some of Durva’s texts are for reading only. No questions will be asked in the written examination. Bhaarat Kee Khoj is a supplementary textbook for class VIII.

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If you find any error in the solutions, please inform us, we must rectify the same and try to provide best solutions as well as study material. Your suggestions are our strength. NCERT Books 2024-25 for class 8 all subjects are available to download in PDF form for the academic session 2024-25.

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How many books are there in Class 8 Hindi first term exam?

The number of books in first term or second term exams are three. Not the complete book will be asked in the terminal exams. Only a section of each book will be asked in first term and the rest section will be in the second term exams.

How to prepare Class 8 Hindi to score full marks?

To score full marks in Hindi Subject of Class 8 Hindi, student need to go through each and every chapter completely. When a chapter get prepared, practice the question answers in written to improve not only learning capacity but the writing also. Regular practice will help a student score almost full marks in Hindi subject.

What is first term syllabus for Class 8 Hindi Subject?

Now first term and second term syllabus is separated by CBSE for all the classes. The class 8 Hindi Syllabus for first term is decided by schools, so student ask the syllabus with their Hindi Teacher.

Last Edited: December 21, 2023