NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi Vasant and Durva. Get here all the question answers given at the end of Vasant NCERT Book and Durva NCERT Book updated for academic session 2023-24. Question answers, vilom shabd, prayayvachi, milan karo, etc. All the questions are answer properly in simplified way so that students can understand easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi for 2023-24

Class: 7Hindi
Textbooks:Vasant, Durva, Baal Mahabharat Katha, Buddhcharit
Contents: NCERT Solutions
Content Type:Text, Images and PDF
Academic Session:2023-24

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi – Vasant Bhag 2

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi – Doorva Bhag 2

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How many books are there for Class 7 Hindi NCERT?

There are only two books – Vasant and Durva Part 2 – for a student of class 7 standard. These books contain stories, poem, and other various kinds of Hindi Literature. Download these books in PDF file format from the CBSE official website to study online.

How many Important Chapters are there in Vasant Part 2 for Term – 1 Exam?

According to academic session 2023-24, there are only 15 chapters in Class 7 Hindi Vasant Bhag 2. Earlier there were 20 chapters in course. Out of these 15 chapters, only 8 or 9 will be asked in first terminal exams. These chapters may differ from one school to another.

How many topics are there in 7th Hindi Doorva Bhag 2 for First Term Exam?

There are total 15 chapters in Class 7 Hindi Doorva NCERT Textbook. But only 15 chapters are in course for exams. Three chapters are given only for reading skills. There may be about 7 chapters in term 1 exams for class 7 Hindi Subject.

Kaksha 7 Hindi Vasant Bhag – 2

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi Textbooks Vasant Part – 2 is given here for academic session 2023-24. As per the new curriculum there are only 15 chapters (instead of 20) in Vasant NCERT books for exams. Students of 7th grade can get here the simplified solutions of each chapter.
Chapter 1. Ham Panchhee Unmukt Gagan Ke
Chapter 2. Himaalay Ki Betiyaan
Chapter 3. Kathaputali
Chapter 4. Mithaeevaala
Chapter 5. Paapa Kho Gae
Chapter 6. Shaam – Ek Kisaan
Chapter 7. Apoorv Anubhav
Chapter 8. Raheem Ke Dohe
Chapter 9. Ek Tinaka
Chapter 10. Khaanapaan Ki Badalati Tasaveer
Chapter 11. Neelakanth
Chapter 12. Bhor Aur Barakha
Chapter 13. Veer Kunvar Singh
Chapter 14. Sangharsh Ke Kaaran Main Tunukamizaaj Ho Gaya: Dhanaraaj
Chapter 15. Aashram Ka Anumaanit Vyay

Kaksha 7 Hindi, Doorva Bhag – 2

Kaksha 7 ke lie Hindi kee paathyapustak (Dviteey Bhaasha) Doorva Bhaag – 2 ke sabhee paathon ke prashn uttar tatha Abhyaas mein die gae prashnon ke uttar saral bhaasha mein die gae hain. Doorva mein kul 18 adhyaay hain jinamen se adhyaay 16 aur 18 keval pathan ke lie hain. Baakee bache 16 paath pareeksha kee drshti se mahatvapoorn hain. Pustak mein Kahaanee, Kavitaen, Aatmakatha, Lekh, Jeevanee tatha Vyaktitv vidhaon ka vivaran hai. Pustak mein teen Kahaaniyaan, 5 Kavitaen aur 3 Nibandh. Isamen lokakatha, jeevanee, ekaankee tatha chitrakatha aadi bhee dee gaee hain. Yah pustak rochak kahaaniyon tatha ruchikar saamaagree se paripoorn hai. Vidyaarthee dhyaan se padhakar isaka bharapoor aanand le sakate hain.
Adhyaay 1: Chidiya aur Churungun
Adhyaay 2: Sabase sundar ladakee
Adhyaay 3: Main hoon robot
Adhyaay 4: Gubbaare par cheeta
Adhyaay 5: Thodee dharatee paoon
Adhyaay 6: Gaaro
Adhyaay 7: Pustaken jo amar hain
Adhyaay 8: Kaabuleevaala
Adhyaay 9: Vishveshvaraiya
Adhyaay 10: Ham dharatee ke laal
Adhyaay 11: Pongal
Adhyaay 12: Shaheed Jhalakaareebaee
Adhyaay 13: Nrtyaangana Sudha Chandran
Adhyaay 14: Paanee aur dhoop
Adhyaay 15: Geet

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Last Edited: July 22, 2023