Class 2 English Grammar Book all topics based on latest CBSE Syllabus 2024-25 free to use online or download in PDF. In grade 2 English Grammar, we will study about Noun, Singular and Plural Words, The Sentence and its type, Gender (He or She), Pronoun, Adjective, Articles, Verb, Use of the words like I, am, are, was, were, will be, shall be and all other topics related to Class 2 English Grammar.

Class 2 English Grammar Book
Chapter 1. Noun – Naming Words
Chapter 2. Singular and Plural
Chapter 3. Words
Chapter 4. Sentence and Phrase
Chapter 5. Gender
Chapter 6. Pronoun
Chapter 7. Adjectives
Chapter 8. Articles
Chapter 9. The Verb
Chapter 10. Is, Am, and Are
Chapter 11. Was and Were
Chapter 12. Will be and Shall be
Chapter 13. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Chapter 14. Preposition
Chapter 15. Opposite Words
Chapter 16. Letter Writing
Chapter 17. Essays Writing
Chapter 18. Paragraph Writing
Chapter 19. Composition
Chapter 20. Comprehension
Chapter 21. Picture Composition

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Class 2 English Grammar Book Syllabus

Improving English grammar for Class 2 students revolves around nurturing their foundational skills in a fun and interactive manner. At the stage of grade, learning should be as engaging as it is educational. Learning of English Grammar in Class 2 should be interactive Learning. Children, especially in Class 2, are more receptive to learning when it’s presented in an engaging format. Incorporate multimedia resources such as educational videos, games, and interactive apps that focus on grammar.

In English grammar learning, storybooks with vibrant illustrations can be especially effective. As they read or listen, children naturally pick up sentence structures, verb forms, and other grammatical nuances. Activities like ‘fill in the blanks’ or ‘match the column’ that are themed around grammar topics can also be beneficial.

English grammar for Class 2 students, serves as the backbone of effective communication and comprehension in the language. Its introduction at this early stage can be debated, but there are several compelling reasons to support its inclusion in the curriculum. Language acquisition and proficiency are most effective when started early.

Class 2 English Grammar

Syllabus Covered for Class 2 English Grammar are given below. Examples related to each topic are also given in between the chapters. Assignments and worksheet based on each topic for 2nd Standard English grammar are also given for practice.

Class 2 English Grammar learning needs consistent practice. Like any skill, mastering grammar requires consistent practice. Dedicate a small portion of daily study time to grammar exercises. Start with simple sentences and gradually introduce more complex structures. Encourage students to write short paragraphs, stories, or diary entries. This not only boosts their writing skills but also allows them to apply grammatical rules. Regularly reviewing their work helps in identifying common mistakes and areas of improvement.

To make English Grammar easy for kids of grade 2, use it in real-life conversations. Encourage children to converse in English, both at school and home. Practical application is crucial for language learning. Simple conversations with family members, friends, or even imaginary play with toys can help reinforce grammatical concepts.

How to practice English Grammar in Class 2

The grammar portion for Class 2 is simple to read and learn. These are basically daily life used words and terms which are useful for learning the English Language smoothly. Just read out the chapters solving the assignments given at the end of each chapter. Gradually it become easy to read and learn the grammar or English reader book.

The correction done time to time by parents and teachers make grammar learning fun. Correcting mistakes should be done positively, ensuring the child understands the error without feeling discouraged. Over time, regular practice in real-life scenarios will naturally improve their grammar and overall language proficiency.

The use of Adjectives and Prepositions, increase the beauty of sentence. Adjectives are introduced as words that describe or qualify nouns. Students learn to use them to add detail and colour to their sentences. Basic comparison using adjectives (like tall, taller, and tallest) might also be touched upon. Prepositions, though a more advanced topic, are introduced gently. Simple ones like ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’, and ‘between’ are taught through interactive methods, helping children understand their role in indicating positions or relationships between nouns in a sentence.

Class 2 English Grammar

NCERT English Grammar Book for Class 2

There is no book for Class 2 English Grammar issued by CBSE or published by NCERT. CBSE just mention the Syllabus for grade 2 students. To practice English Grammar, student can by any good book from market belonging to well-known publisher. Class 2 English Grammar Book is also available on Tiwari Academy website and App, which is free to use without any login or password.

Class 2 English grammar builds on the foundational linguistic skills acquired in Class 1, gradually introducing students to more structured aspects of the language. The curriculum is carefully designed to cater to the cognitive abilities of young learners while preparing them for more advanced studies in the subsequent years.

In grade 2 grammar, students should learn sentence structure and punctuation along with the new words. In primary classes, students delve deeper into constructing simple sentences. They learn about subjects and predicates and how they come together to form a complete thought. Additionally, the importance of capitalization at the beginning of sentences and the usage of punctuation marks like full stops, question marks, and commas are emphasized. This equips them to identify and construct declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences.

Benefits of Learning English Grammar in Class 2

Introducing grammar in Class 2 ensures that students build a solid foundation. By understanding the basic rules and structures of the language, they can construct sentences correctly, express their thoughts clearly, and comprehend written and spoken English better. As they progress to higher classes, having a strong grammatical base will aid in grasping more complex linguistic concepts with ease.

English Grammar is not just about rules; it’s about conveying ideas effectively and coherently. By understanding the basics of sentence construction, punctuation, and parts of speech, students can articulate their thoughts more clearly. This not only boosts their written communication but also aids in verbal interactions. In an increasingly globalized world, effective communication in English can be a valuable asset, and early exposure to grammar can facilitate this proficiency.

Class 2 English Grammar Solution
Way to Learn English Grammar in Grade 2

Learning grammar in Class 2, is not merely rote memorization; it involves understanding patterns, applying rules, and analysing sentence structures. This cognitive exercise can enhance a child’s analytical and reasoning abilities. It encourages them to think critically, deduce patterns, and make connections between words and their meanings. Such skills, cultivated early, can be beneficial not just for language learning but across other academic subjects and real-life scenarios.

What is the name of Class 2 English Grammar Book issued by NCERT?

There is not any book issued by NCERT, only private publishers books are available to study based on Syllabus prescribed by CBSE.

Class 2 students should know the use of Nouns, Pronouns, and common Verbs used in daily life. Nouns are categorized further into proper, common, singular, and plural nouns. Children also get introduced to gender-specific nouns (like actor/actress) and collective nouns (like a herd of cows). Pronouns, which replace nouns, become another focal point. Basic ones such as ‘he’, ‘she’, ‘it’, ‘they’, ‘him’, ‘her’, and ‘them’ are taught to avoid redundancy in sentences. Verbs, or action words, are also highlighted, emphasizing their role in indicating actions or states of being.

What is the Syllabus for Class 2 English Grammar?

The common Syllabus for Class 2 English Grammar are the basics of English Grammar at an elementary level. The brief Syllabus for the students of grade 2 is mentioned above.

How to download the chapters of English Grammar for Class 2 in PDF?

To download Class 2 English Grammar Book in PDF file format, please visit to Tiwari Academy website or download Tiwari Academy App for class 1 to 12. It contains all the chapters of English Grammar from 1 to 10.

Last Edited: October 12, 2023