Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 4 the Sentence and Phrase Making using the word and assignments based on sentence making updated for CBSE and State Board Session 2022-2023. Students can ample practice using the assignments and worksheets at the end of the chapter 4 of Class 2 English Grammar. Most of the facts are described using the examples so that students can understand easily.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 4 Sentence and Phrase

A sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense or meaning. The following examples illustrate the way of writing sentences:

    • I go to school every day.
    • Mayank is writing a letter.

The above groups of words make sense and they are giving some meaning. So, they are sentence. Now read the following sentences:

    1. Read class I in II
    2. Teacher you obey must your

These groups of words do not give any meaning as they are not arranged properly. Therefore, they are not sentences. So taking the help of above mentioned differences, start doing this chapter to learn how to make a sentence.

Some More Examples of the sentences:

1. Supriya is playing.
2. A goat eats grass.
3. The box is heavy.

In the above sentence– the persons, animals or things talked
in sentence 1. Supriya
in sentence 2. A goat
in sentence 3. The box

In the above sentence– what is said about the person, animal or things:
in sentence 1. is playing
in sentence 2. eats grass
in sentence 3. is heavy


1. A sentence always begins with a capital letter.
2. The words of a sentence are placed in a proper order.
3. There must be a verb in a sentence.
4. A sentence always ends with a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.

Arrange the words to Make Sentences

Arrange the words in the proper order so as to make meaningful sentences:

    • 1. holiday a is Sunday
    • 2. name is my Divyansh
    • 3. in play evening we the
    • 4. want go I to home
    • 5. seven has week days a


    1. Sunday is a holiday.
    2. My name is Divyansh
    3. We play in the evening.
    4. I want go to home.
    5. A week has seven days.
Make meaningful sentences with the given words

Make meaningful sentences with the following words:

    1. Room
    2. Read
    3. Sister
    4. Brother

1. There is one window in my room.
2. The story book I have read is interesting.
3. My sister is elder than me.
4. Shona’s brother is a police inspector.

Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 4 the Sentence and Phrase
Sentence and Phrase for Class 2 English Grammar
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