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Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 9 The Verb

A verb is a word that denotes an action. A verb is an action or doing word. It is used after a noun or a pronoun. It tells what a person, an animal, or a thing does. The following examples illustrate the verbs well:

    • The baby cries.
    • I play football.
    • The stars shine.
    • Riya sings well.
    • My mother cook very well.
    • Rahul eats.
    • The teacher teaches me.
    • The bird flies.
    • The sun rises in the east.

The word, cries, shine, play, sings, cooks, eats, teaches, flies and rises show us the action done by each of them. So they are action words or doing words.

Write the Doing Words from Given Sentences.

    • 1. Father goes to office every day. He earns money for the family.
    • 2. Ravi plays cricket. He does a lot of physical exercises.
    • 3. A washer-man washes clothes. He dries these clothes on the ground.

1. goes, earn
2. plays, does
3. washes, dries

Fill in the blanks with suitable doing words. Take help from the clue: (tells, eats, go, swim, cooks, twinkle)

1. Children _________to school.
2. Mother __________food.
3. Grandmother _________stories.
4. Cow _________grass.
5. Fishes _________in water.
6. Stars _________at night.


    1. go
    2. cooks
    3. tells
    4. eats
    5. swim
    6. twinkle
Class 2 English Grammar Chapter 9 The Verb
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