Get the ncert solutions for class 6 Hindi in PDF and Video format to free download updated for session 2024-25. NCERT Solutions of Vasant part -1 and Durva part 1, all question-answers, fill in the blanks, match the following, etc.
Class 6 Hindi – Vasant Part 1 Solutions
Chapter 1. Vah Chidiya Jo
Chapter 2. Bachapan
Chapter 3. Naadaan Dost
Chapter 4. Chaand Se Thodee See Gappen
Chapter 5. Saathee Haath Badhaana
Chapter 6. Aise – Aise
Chapter 7. Tikat Elbam
Chapter 8. Jhaansee Kee Raanee
Chapter 9. Jo Dekhakar Bhee Nahin Dekhate
Chapter 10. Sansaar Pustak Hai
Chapter 11. Main Sabase Chhotee Hooon
Chapter 12. Lokageet
Chapter 13. Naukar
Chapter 14. Van Ke Maarg Mein

NCERT Solutions for class 6 Hindi

Identifying the given statements in the text, answering questions, matching words with similar meanings, choosing words to form sentences. Some of the starting chapters of Durva Part 1 are oral, so the solutions of these chapters are not required. In Baal Ram Katha, no questions are given at the end of the chapter, so no solutions are made.
Class 6 Hindi – Baal Ram Katha
Paath 1: Avadhapuree Mein Raam
Paath 2: Jangal Aur Janakapur
Paath 3: Do Varadaan
Paath 4: Raam Ka Van Gaman
Paath 5: Chitrakoot Mein Bharat
Paath 6: Dandak Van Mein Das Varsh
Paath 7: Sone Ka Hiran
Paath 8: Seeta Kee Khoj
Paath 9: Raam Aur Sugreev
Paath 10: Lanka Mein Hanumaan
Paath 11: Lanka Vijay
Paath 12: Raam Ka Raajyaabhishek
Baal Raamakatha Ke Uttar

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How to Study Class 6 Hindi to Score better in Exams?

The main books for Class 6 NCERT Hindi are Vasant, Durva and Baal Ram Katha. During these unprecedented times of the covid-19 pandemic, all the students are being affected irrespective of their IQ levels. But some of the smart students are trying to switch over technological transition. However, the benefits of offline teaching affected the students a lot. Language subject like Hindi is one of the tricky ones which are not widely available on the internet and if you manage to get them there you have to pay a hefty amount as subscriptions. This article will guide you, despite the major obstacles, how you can score 100% in the Hindi language exam of class 6th.

Step 1: Focus on Reading is the Key to Success in Hindi.

Step 1: Focus on Reading is the Key to Success in Hindi. Hindi for Class 6 NCERT is divided into many parts like Gadhya Khand (Prose), Padhya Khand (Poetry), and Vyakaran (Grammar). Among these, the easiest is the Gadhya Khand part which you can complete easily in less time. This is why try to give 90 minutes every day to each part of the Hindi subject. Hindi is the subject which cannot pull easily 100% marks. However, do not mistake to think that it will be easy to score 100% just because you can understand it easily. Reading and understanding Hindi is just the first step of a long journey ahead of you.

Step 2: Create Interest in Hindi Subject to Score Best.

Step 2: Create Interest in Hindi Subject to Score Best. To score the best marks in class test or any exams of standard 6 irrespective of subject, first of all you have to create interest in that subject. In class 6th Hindi subject there are lot of things which attract students to give more time. To score a great score, summarize the chapters and prepare question and answers accordingly. In poetry section try to understand the meaning of poem and message inside as well. Vyakaran (Grammar) is little tough but if you focus carefully on this, it may score 100% marks itself. The PDF book for Class 6 Hindi Vyakaran is already given on Tiwari Academy.

Step 3: Steady Progress always matters in all Subjects.

Step 3: Steady Progress always matters in all Subjects. You cannot make the process faster by covering more chapters at one time. To understand perfectly, it is better to cover one chapter or topic in NCERT 6th Hindi at a time. Understand all the little aspects of the literary expressions, Physiology behind the actions of the characters. Writing it in your words all the summary, poetic themes and stories will help you to improve your mind to process. This is in such a way that it will start memorizing the characters and their roles, author names. Make a list of the names with the story, and keep it handy. To drop glance more often to freshen up the knowledge.

Step 4: Include interesting activities during the Study.

Step 4: Include interesting activities during the Study. Since offline classes are no longer is an option and most of the time you are going to spend in a room in front of the screens or book. This is natural that you might not feel like studying due to this you may lose interest. In such cases try to remember why you started to work hard. Find some activity that can improve your confidence in the Hindi subject. High motivation is something that will help you study more to achieve your goal and obtain 100% score in class 6th final exams.

Step 5: Memorize, Summarize and revise for exams.

Step 5: Memorize, Summarize and revise for exams. Grammar is one of the tricky part of the entire Hindi book. You have to practice writing and indulge all your senses to memorize the Definitions and examples of Sangya, Sarvnaam, visheshan, kriya, eassay and other topics also. These are difficult to memorize all the things but it is not easy to surpass 90% score. While you keep writing the answer, solve extra questions from the website Tiwari Academy. You will also get solutions to all the NCERT questions and even practice questions, MCQs. We cannot overemphasize the need for practice in the subject because speed, accuracy is needed. You should know what you’re writing. Keep calm and keep practicing, you will definitely score 100% in 6th class Hindi.
Class: 6Hindi
Textbooks:Vasant, Durva and Baal Ramkatha
Contents:NCERT Solutions and Extra Questions
Content Type:Text, Images and PDF
Academic Session:2024-25

Kaksha 6 Hindi ke Prashn Uttar

NCERT books 2024-25 and their solutions of each chapter are given here. Chapters of VASANT part 1 and DOORVA part 1 are given separately. For Bal Ramkatha, only chapter are given to study online. All the answers of Bal Ramkatha are given in a single PDF file.

Kaksha 6 Hindi – Vasant Bhag 1

NCERT Solutions of Vasant part 1 for class 6 includes kavita mein die gae prashn abhyaas, aashay spasht karo, sansmaran tatha kahaaniyon ke prashn uttar, etc, Solutions are made in easy language so that each and every student can understand the concept of question. Vasant ke kuchh paathon mein kahaanee /sanskaran se aage, anumaan aur kalpana, bhaasha kee baat aadi ke uttar bhee die gae hain.

Kaksha 6 Hindi – Durva Bhag 1

Durva men NCERT Solutions mein paath 1: kalam se lekar paath 12: hamaara ghar tak ke paathon ke uttar upalabdh nahin hain kyonki in paathon mein mukhyaatah maukhik prashn hain jo ki chhaatr – chhaatraen kaksha mein hee kar sakate hain. usake baad ke paathon ke prashn uttar, namoonon ke anusaar likhana, koshthak mein die gae shabdon mein se sahee shabd chunakar vaaky poora karana, namoonon ke anusaar vaaky badalana aadi sabhee kuchh diya gaya hai. Solutions of these chapters are made easy to understand just like NCERT Solutions 2024-25 of Science class 6.

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How many Books are there in Class 6 Hindi Syllabus?

There are only three books – Durva Bhag 1, Vasant Bhag 1 aur Baal Ram Katha in class 6 Hindi Syllabus for academic session 2024-25. Baal Ram Katha is supplementary reader book.

How many Chapters are there in Class 6 Hindi Durva book?

There are 28 chapter to study in Class 6 Hindi Durva Part 1. Few chapters will be asked in first term examination and almost all the chapters in second term exams. The school will decide the syllabus for first term and second term exams.

What is the First Term Chapters from Class 6 Hindi Vasant Part 1?

There are total 14 chapters given in NCERT Class 6 Hindi Book. There may few chapters be out of syllabus. The syllabus for 1st term and 2nd term may be different from one school to other. The first term chapters and second term chapters will be selected by school teachers.

Last Edited: December 21, 2023