Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran – Hindi Grammar book all chapters updated for new academic session 2024-25 CBSE and State board. Get here the assignments and practice material with each chapter of Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran.

Chapter 1. Maatraen
Chapter 2. Varn Vichaar
Chapter 3. Shabd Tatha Vaaky
Chapter 4. Kriya
Chapter 5. Vachan
Chapter 6. Sangya
Chapter 7. Sarvanaam
Chapter 8. Visheshan
Chapter 9. Kaal
Chapter 10. Vilom Shabd
Chapter 11. Paryaayavaachee Shabd
Chapter 12. Sankhyaen
Chapter 13. Lekhan

Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran – Hindi Grammar

Topics to be studied in Class 2 Hindi Grammar

In class 2, children be studying/ revising some of the content already dealt with in class 1. For example, use of nouns (SANGYA), verbs (KRIYA) and use of articles, prepositions etc. the use of small sentences and phrases will be the next topic. They will also learn the meaning and use of adjectives (VISHESHAN). Some other topics like gender difference (LING BHED), opposite words and composition may appear seem – however, the level of difficulty slightly increases compare to class 1.

They will also be introduced to words denoting time (yesterday, today, tomorrow). They will also be introduced to writing small letters (PATR) and essays (NIBANDH). Further they will be made to learn how to comprehend paragraphs (comprehension). Picture composition will be another interesting topic for them.

Why grammar (Vyakaran) is required to be studied in class 2?

In class 2, children learn the use of adjectives (VISHESHAN). This is the new topic for them and teacher should encourage children to list out as many adjectives as possible and ask students to make small phrases and sentences. The new topics like the use of words denoting time (yesterday, today and tomorrow) is an easy topic.

However, the use of will be/shall be, was/were are not easy. Teacher should devote sufficient time to make children understand these. In Hindi language, learning plurals is not easy for example – the plural of many words are word itself. It comes with practice. So, practice material should be given in sufficient quantity.

How to go about studying Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran?

As emphasized earlier, grammar should be taught step by step. Along with Vyakaran, the meaning and spellings of simple words and their use in small sentences should be taught. For example, the spelling of similar words should be told to students.

Teacher should be creative in teaching. They should not restrict themselves or the students merely to what is given in the book. They can very well looks at the surroundings and help students in learning basics like nouns, adjectives and in building vocabulary in Hindi and English.

More about Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran

As always, the new topics introduced for example letter writing, essay writing, paragraph writings, can be mastered only when children have acquired mastery over basic sentence formation. The use of prepositions should be taught in context of sentence formation.

For example, in the sentence . . . he slept under the tree, the word under is the preposition and it is placed before the noun tree. Small essays on topics with which children are familiar can be given for practice for example the following topics can be given: My family, My School, My Self, My best friend etc.

How useful the use of parts of speech in Class 2 Hindi Vyakaran?

At class 2 level, children are expected to gain reasonable knowledge about the parts of speech taught to them. Mastery comes after few years. The family environment plays a big role in development of a language.

How should children master in Class 2 Hindi Grammar?

Grammar, vocabulary and spellings go hand in hand. That is why the age-old practice or dictation is still considered effective to develop the language.

Is letter writing relevant even today for Class 2 students?

Yes, certainly. In official matters where there is no scope for informal means letter writing is must. For example – writing a leave application, for addressing your senior or subordinates – learning to write letters will help a great deal.