The revised ncert solutions for Class 6 Computer Science Book updated for academics session 2024-25. These grade 6 Computer book study material is helpful for both CBSE and State board students. 6th class students can use these solutions to prepare for the exam.
Chapter Wise Study Material for Class 6 Computer Science
Chapter 1. Evolution, Generation and Types of Computer
Chapter 2. More About MS Windows
Chapter 3. More on MS Word
Chapter 4. Basics of MS-Excel
Chapter 5. MS-PowerPoint
Chapter 6. Computer Programming
Chapter 7. Introduction to BASIC
Chapter 8. Computer Ethics, Crime and Security
Chapter 9. Internet and Email

Class 6 Computer Science Syllabus

6th graders often struggle to complete such a large 6th grade Computer Science curriculum, so they may need guidance to do well. This is where Class 6 Computer Science notes can be very helpful. Our experts have compiled solutions for grade 6 Computer Science Questions and worksheets. These notes and study material will help students get a solid foundation in the subject. The textbook exercises solutions have been given in a detailed format along with some other important questions.

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Class 6 Computer Book for Practice

NCERT books are one of the most important and reliable resources for students to prepare for exams. All subject teachers refer to NCERT books only while teaching and while setting questions. The books published by NCERT strictly follow the syllabus and syllabus given by CBSE and also provide materials containing all the important details that students need to study for the exams. The computer book for class 6 given here is prepared as per CBSE guidelines. So students are also asked to prepare from these books so that they can easily answer all the questions in the exams and score well.

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Class 6 Computer Science Notes

The books published by NCERT provide students with in-text questions and exercises at the end of each chapter. The goal of these exercises is to help expand and evaluate the knowledge that students acquire by reading the chapters. Class 6 Computer Book also contains some interacting questions and assignments for practice. Students are advised to check 6th Standard Computer Science Guide for help in preparation.

These exercises are meant to provide students with additional guidance to help them answer NCERT questions accurately and efficiently. With a strong Computer Science foundation, students get good grades in their final exams. Download Class 6 Back exercises Answers of Computer Science Book by Tiwari Academy and include them in your study material to get the proper benefits.

Computer Science Study Material for Class 6

Tiwari Academy provides NCERT solutions which are a great resource to prepare for school exams. Study Material for Class 6 Computer Science is prepared by a team of expert teachers. This study material contains solutions to problems from the entire chapter. Exercises for Class 6 Computer Science provides students with comprehensive information on essential concepts. Solutions are available for free to all the users. For better understanding, use the book of Class 6 Computer Science with chapter end assignments. Students must go through these special resources to do well in the exams.

Advantages of using Class 6 Computer Science Exercises

The benefits of class 6 Computer Science solutions are endless and will clear the doubts of all candidates as all intended questions related to these topics are answered here. These study material for Class 6 Computer subject provides a clear overview of MS Office and use of Windows tools. The solutions are given in simple language and can be understood by every student. Notes are provided by teachers who are considered experts on the subject. The Exercises also contain CBSE Class 6 Computer Science practice examples so that students can handle any question without any problem in the subject.

How many chapters are there in Class 6 Computer Book?

In class 6 Computer Science book, there are only 9 chapters. These chapters include the basic information about MS Office, introduction to programming language BASIC and learning about emails. All the chapters are easy to understand. Topics that may appear in the exams are covered in detail here to help students score more marks in the exam. The exercises are designed in a well-explained and presented manner that helps students score maximum marks during the evaluation.

What are the benefits of using Class 6 Computer Science Book?

There are many benefits of Tiwari Academy Class 6 Computer Science book. The Study material for Class 6 Computer Science have been designed by our professionals for student development. They gain an overview of the book’s chapters and develop their understanding of the topics. These are helpful to clear doubts easily.

Last Edited: December 21, 2023