NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science in Hindi and English Medium based on NCERT books Indian Constitution at Work and Political Theory.
Class 11 Political Science Chapter wise Solutions
Part 1: Indian Constitution at Work
Chapter 1. Constitution: Why and How?
Chapter 2. Rights in the Indian Constitution
Chapter 3. Election and Representation
Chapter 4. Executive
Chapter 5. Legislature
Chapter 6. Judiciary
Chapter 7. Federalism
Chapter 8. Local Governments
Chapter 9. Constitution as a Living Document
Chapter 10. The Philosophy of the Constitution
Part 2: Political Theory
Chapter 1. Political Theory: An Introduction
Chapter 2. Freedom
Chapter 3. Equality
Chapter 4. Social Justice
Chapter 5. Rights
Chapter 6. Citizenship
Chapter 7. Nationalism
Chapter 8. Secularism
Chapter 9. Peace
Chapter 10. Development
All the question answers of 11th Political Science are updated for new academic session 2024-25.

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science

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Need of Political Science in Class 11

Why am I studying Political Science, is a question which may come to the student’s mind very often. What is the relevance and is it of any use? Such questions do arise and the answer to these questions is that the study of Political Science gives us a broad insight of the various political issues, information about the Indian government and some bits of the Constitution.

Class 11 Political Science Solutions book takes you to something different from what you have already studied. Political science is a very important topic not only for the students but also for all as it has a great impact on all our lives. However, it becomes much more important for individuals who have Political Science as one of their major disciplines.

The Scope of Studying Political Science in 11th Standard

The study of political theory is relevant for all the professions to have a basic knowledge of political ideals and information to shape public opinion. It encourages us to examine our ideas and feelings about political activities. The scope of studying Political Science includes the study of the state and the study of political system; covering the study of government, study of power; study of man and his political behaviour and study of political issues which influence politics directly or indirectly.

Principles and Theories in Class 11 Political Science

The study of the Indian Constitution is like a first step to study politics in India. The study of Indian politics is a window to understand the politics in other societies or countries. Moreover, the study of institutions and the political power surrounding them, will apprise the students about the principles and theories of politics. Thus this book will tell you about the way our Constitution was made, how it works and the way it shapes politics in our country. The book tells about the legal provisions and technical details in the Constitution, how institutions are shaped through interaction with actual politics.

Topics like rights in the Indian constitution, election and representation, executive, legislature judiciary federalism, local governments have been made interesting through Cartoons, Case studies, real life experiences and incidents etc. All these have been added to give a clear picture about the topics being covered.

Important Concepts in Class 11 Political Science

Political theory is also useful to us as it helps us to understand the meaning of political concepts by looking at the way they are understood and used in ordinary language. Political theories debate and examine the different meanings and opinions from diverse contexts in a systematic manner. It helps in understanding how the constitutions of the country are shaped in a definite manner, how governments and social lives are arranged in a systematic manner by studying and understanding the ideas and principles that are at their base. It shows the implication of various principles such as rule of law, separation of power, judicial review etc.

How should we learn political science in class 11 as it is too theoretical?

We can learn political Science by reading the text thoroughly. We can prepare short notes for important topics. Write the important answers in points instead of paragraphs and thus understand all the important topics by making a list of repeatedly asked questions.

What are the tips to complete political science syllabus in class 11 before exams?

Firstly, note down the important chapters with a list of topics frequently coming in exams. Then, read those topics thoroughly. Prepare brief notes with important questions and answers. Revise these questions on a regular basis till you are able to learn them.

Is class 11 Political Science a scoring subject?

Political Science is a theoretical subject and if all the important facts and topics are learnt properly and answers are written systematically with proper headings and explanations, it can fetch good marks. Remember to write the answer in points as it is easy for the examiner to see and check.

Last Edited: August 19, 2022