NCERT Solutions for Class 12

NCERT Solutions for class 12 all subjects in PDF format are available to free download. Students who are preparing for IIT – JEE mains and advance, the study material is also available for practice, Mathematics solutions are given in English and Hindi Medium.

Other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, etc. will be uploaded in Hindi Medium for the new academic session 2020-21 following the latest CBSE Curriculum 2020-2021. NCERT Books for class 12 are design not only for CBSE exams, you can also crack competitive exams using these books. Purchasing too many books puzzle the students. It is just advice that concentrate on your course book (that is NCERT) and later on go for other practice books including NCERT Exemplar Problems.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12

ContentsNCERT Solutions for Class 12
SubjectsMaths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies, etc.

Preparing for competitive exams

Preparing for competitive exams should be done side by side but priority should be given to CBSE Exams. Scoring good marks never resemble to good study. If you are preparing for your exams by studying the concepts of topic, you may easily clear the competitive exams also. Students who has studied well in both the class 11th and 12th, clearing the competition is not a big job for him.

Study material for Class 12 Physical Education

Online study material for Class 12 Physical Education is also available on websites to free download. These study material contains the notes, important questions and their answers. Segregation of questions with answers are also provided in the end of each chapter.

How to prepare for Maths in Class 12?

Solve each and every questions including examples given in NCERT Books. In case of doubt you may refer NCERT Solutions given on different website. If you have done NCERT Textbook and Exemplar Problem Book, you can solve every question in other books also.

Is there any NCERT Book for Physical Education Class 12?

There is no NCERT Book published so far for Physical Education. Syllabus for Physical Education Class 12 is described CBSE. Private publishers are printing the books following these syllabus.

How to prepare for Class 12 Physics Exams?

Read carefully your course book, underlining the important terms and topics. Derive all the formulae, you are using in class 12, whether it in course or not. After completing each chapter, go through NCERT Exemplar Book of same chapter or topic. For CBSE final exams, must do CBSE Sample Papers and Previous Years Papers.

About Class 12 Biology

Class 12 Biology is basically the study of life. It contains the description of various life forms including human beings. In Biology, we starts with identification, nomenclature and classification and extent it to the complexity of body structure and life span. It is one of the most interesting subjects if we relate everything with our environment or daily life. Knowing the behavior and habitats of various animals, we can understand the nature in better way. During the studying Biology in class 12, we must relate everything with nature or each other. We should focus on physiology anatomy of living being.

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