Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 6 Test and Measurement in Sports updated for academic session 2024-25 in Hindi and English Medium free to download in PDF file format. Long and short questions are also given to revise the entire chapter for school test or terminal exams. In NCERT Chapter 6 of 12th PE (Physical Education), the answers of the questions given in the chapter end exercises are also given in PDF file format. Download Class 12 NCERT Solutions App all subjects.
In 12th Physical Education Chapter 6, we will learn about Motor Fitness Test – 50 M Standing Start, 600 M Run/ Walk, sit and Reach, Partial Curl Up, Push Ups (Boys), Modified Push Ups (Girls), Standing Broad Jump, Agility – 4x 10 M Shuttle Run, General Motor Fitness – Barrow three item general motor ability (Standing Broad Jump, Zig Zag Run, Medicine Ball Put – For Boys: 03 Kg and For Girls: 01 Kg), Measurement of Cardio-Vascular Fitness – Harvard Step Test/Rockport Test, Computation of Fitness Index: Duration of the Exercise in Seconds x 100 5.5 x Pulse count of 1-1.5 Min after Exercise, Rikli and Jones – Senior Citizen Fitness Test.

Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 6 Question Answers

50 M Standing Start

Boys and Girls

    • Purpose:
      To determine running speed and acceleration of a student. Objective: To cover the set distance as fast as possible.
    • Equipment:
      Flat and clean field with markings; stopwatch.
    • Procedure:
      There will be distance of 50 meters between two straight lines – starting line and finishing line. At least two officials are required to successfully complete the process, one who stands behind the standing line to give commands “On your mark” and “Go” along with a downward sweep of her/his arm thereby giving visual signal to the other official who stands Perpendicular to the finishing line to clock the timing. The student will take a standing start and run as fast as possible to give her/his best time.
    • Scoring:
      The total time taken to complete the distance between the command “Go” and when the student crosses the finish line to nearest tenth of a second.

Sit and Reach Test

    • Purpose:
      To determine trunk flexibility of a student.
    • Objective:
      To stretch trunk as far forward as possible.
    • Equipment:
      Sit and Reach Box; mat
    • Procedure:
      Student should sit without shoes, with the soles of her/his feet touching the sit and reach box. Both knees should be locked and pressed flat to the floor (tester may assist the subject by holding the knees down). Student to place both arms forward, palm downwards without stretching. As instructions are given by the official to start the test, the student should stretch forward slowly, reaching as far as possible with both hands without a jerk and should hold the maximum stretch position for 2 seconds. Hands should remain at same level.
    • Scoring:
      The score is recorded to the nearest centimetre that is the distance between the initial position and final position.
Push Ups (Boys) and Modified Push Ups (Girls)

To determine upper-body endurance of a student.
To perform as many as push-ups as possible in the given time.
Equipment: Gym Mat.
Male students will take face down position in which hands should be placed slightly apart from shoulder. Knees, back and neck must be rigid and straight. In this position, the student’s palms and toes will touch the Ground. The position will remain the same for Female students, except their knees should touch the ground. Student will lower the body by flexing elbows till 90° flexion at elbow joint and come back to initial position. In both positions, back must be straight. Remember, in the starting position stomach should not touch the ground.
The maximum number of push-ups recorded without rest will be counted as the score.

Last Edited: January 27, 2022