NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Grammar Book all chapters updated for CBSE and State Board Syllabus academic session 2023-24 free to use online or download in PDF file format. Chapters are prepared to standard 4 students using simple sentences and examples. The contents given in English Grammar is also helpful to explore the chapters of Class 4 English Book Marigold.
Chapter 1. The Sentence
Chapter 2. Parts of a Sentence
Chapter 3. Kinds of Sentence
Chapter 4. Part of Speech
Chapter 5. The Noun and its Kinds
Chapter 6. The Noun: Gender
Chapter 7. Personal Pronoun
Chapter 8. The Tense
Chapter 9. Adjective and their Kinds
Chapter 10. Adjective
Chapter 11. Articles
Chapter 12. Adverb
Chapter 13. Modals
Chapter 14. Prepositions
Chapter 15. Conjunctions
Chapter 16. the Interjection
Chapter 17. Letter and Application Writing
Chapter 18. Essay Writing
Chapter 19. Story Writing

Class 4 English Grammar Book all chapters

Class: 4English Grammar Book
Contents:4th Grammar All Chapters Exercises

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Class 4 English Grammar Chapter wise Syllabus

Class 4 English Grammar contains Sentence, parts of Sentences and kinds of Sentences. It also includes Parts of Speech, Noun and its Kinds, Gender, Pronouns as Personal Pronoun, use of Tense, Adjective and their Kinds with Comparison. Students will learn here about Articles, Adverb, Modal, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjection. In writing section revised the section of Letter and application Writing, Essay Writing with Story Writing.

Sentence and its parts

What to study in Class 4 English Grammar Book

    • The Sentence: What is a sentence and how to make a sentence using words? How to correct a sentence by rearranging the words?
    • Parts of Sentences: How Subject and Predicate help to form a sentence. Which part of the sentence is call SUBJECT and which one PREDICATE.
    • Kind of Sentences: There is the discussion about all five types of sentences like Assertive, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory, and Optative sentences.
    • Parts of Speech: Know the use of eight part of speech in English with suitable examples and explanation. Know what the role of part of speech in making sentences.
Noun, Pronoun and Tense
    1. The Noun and Its Kinds: We already know that what is Noun. Here we will learn about the kinds of Noun. Learn about five types of Noun namely Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Abstract Noun, and Material Noun.
    2. The Noun: Know here about the gender of noun. Learn the basic idea about Masculine, Feminine, Common, and Neuter gender.
    3. Pronouns: A brief description about pronoun and its kinds. There are eight kinds of pronoun, Personal Pronoun, Reflexive Pronoun, Demonstrative Pronoun, Relative Pronoun, Interrogative Pronoun, Indefinite Pronoun, Emphatic Pronoun and Reciprocal Pronoun, are discussed here.
    4. The Tense: Learn about present, past and future tenses and their examples. How to form a present tense sentence into past or future tense.
Adjective, Articles, Adverb and Modals
    • Adjective and their Kinds: Learn here how adjectives modify the meaning of a noun. Know the kinds of adjectives and their uses.
    • Adjective: The three degrees of comparison – positive, comparative, and superlative degrees. Examples of word in three degrees.
    • Articles: Know, how the use articles – a, an and the. Practice here with the examples and assignments given in the book.
    • Adverb: There are many examples to show how adverbs change the meaning of verb. Here you will learn to put adverb in simple sentences.
    • Modal: Learn here how change the meaning of a sentence but Modals do not convey any meaning of their own.
    • Prepositions: This chapter tells you how to use preposition in sentences perfectly. There are assignments at the end of the chapter which provides better practice in preposition.
Conjunctions and Writing
    1. Conjunctions: Students can learn here how conjunctions make two or more simple sentences into one sentence.
    2. The Interjection: Learn here how interjection words are used to express sudden feelings or emotions.
    3. Letter and application writing: Know here that how letter and application are useful to send your message to others.
    4. Essay Writing: This chapter tells you to write an essay on any given topic.
    5. Story Writing: Learn here to write a story using hints. Some stories are given as sample.
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