NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 8

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 8 Chapter 1 A Watering Rhyme and Unit 8 Chapter 2 The Giving Tree and Summary of each chapter are given with explanation for CBSE Session 2021-2022.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 8

Class 4 English Unit 8 Chapter 1 Question Answers

What is the best to water the plants?

Early in the morning or the evening hour is the best time.

When should we not water the plants?

Afternoon time.

Which part of the plant we should water?

The roots.

Class 4 English Unit 8 Chapter 1 A watering rhyme – Summary

The creator P.A. Ropes wrote this wonderful rhyme for children which gives us knowledge about the plants. In this rhyme, the poet says that he should water the plants and trees in the morning and even hour so they can have the water and the afternoon is not really a good time for watering the plants. When we water the plant, we should water the roots because plants absorb the water from the roots. From roots the water travel to the flower and leaves for an entire day.

4th English Unit 8 Chapter 1 Word Meaning

Word Meaning
BootsA type of shoe

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Class 4 English Unit 8 Chapter 2 Question Answers

How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree?

The boy climbs the tree and swing in the branch, played in shadow, and ate the apples.

How did the tree help the boy to earn money?

The tree asked him to sell his apples and earn money.

What did the boy make with the branches of the tree?

The boy builds the house with the branches.

What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree?

The boy made the boat with the trunk.

How was the stump was useful.

The old man was tired and he want to sit somewhere in peace.

Why is the play called ‘The Giving tree’?

The play is called ‘The giving tree’ Because the tree gave him everything since he was a boy.

Class 4 English Unit 8 Chapter 2 The Giving Tree – Summary

This play is a part taken from the play named “the Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein.
This is about the friendship and bond between a tree and a kid. The tree loved the little boy. The tree always becomes happy whenever it sees the little boy coming. Trees ask him to come and climb his trunk and swing to its branches. It was fun for the boy when he’s hungry the tree offered the delicious apples. The kid loved the apples.

When the kid grew up the tree and now he doesn’t come daily. One day when he came to the tree, Tree asked the boy to have fun with it and eat its apples. The boy told him he is too big to climb now and he wants some money to buy things to have fun. The tree gave him apples and asked him to sell them for money. The boy did the same and then time passed by and the tree became sad as the boy come rarely now.

One day again the boy came and then the tree asked the same climb his trunk and have fun. The boy asked that he needs a house as he is getting married. If he could give him a house the tree gave him the branches. The boy took the branches and build the house and after some time the boy came again and now, he is grown, man. He asked the tree if he could give him a boat that can take him too far for work. The tree asked to take his trunk and build one boat.

The time passed and the boy now grew old person and when he returned to the tree. The tree sadly said now he doesn’t have branches or a trunk he could climb and swing. The old man said he is too old for climbing and swing now even for eating apples his teeth is no longer strong. The tree asked what he can offer him now it is just a remaining stump. The old man replied that he is tired and he needs a place to sit quietly. The stump is good for that so the tree offered the place him for sit. In this play, the tree always gave them its friend everything he wanted. In nature also this is true.

4th English Unit 8 Chapter 2 Word Meaning
Word Meaning
SwingHanging and going back and forth
SailTravelling by boat
StumpA big piece of the tree no trunk