NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 10

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 10 Chapter 1 The Naughty Boy and Unit 10 Chapter 2 Pinocchio and the chapter’s summary with difficult word and their meaning. Students can get here the updated format of question-answers, extra word-meaning, summary of each chapter and explanation of chapter.

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 10

Class 4 English Unit 10 Chapter 1 Question Answers

From where did the naughty boy come?

Naughty boy came from Scotland.

Where did the naughty boy go?

The boy goes to England.

Why did he go there?

The boy goes there to see people, The ground, the yard, the song, the cherry, and the Wooden door.

What did the boy wonder about?

The wondered that he stood in his shoes.

Class 4 English Unit 10 Chapter 1 The Naughty boy – Summary

This is the poetic form of a story of a boy by John Keats. The naughty boy went to Scotland to see the people see people on the ground, the song that is joyous, the red cherry, wooden heavy door, he was in England standing as strong as England is standing. Now he is thinking that he is traveled.

4th English Unit 10 Chapter 1 Word Meaning

FoundReceive something
GroundPlace everything is standing on
CherryFruit, Berry
WoodenMade of wood

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Class 4 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Question Answers

What did the carpenter buy?

The carpenter bought the queer piece of wood.

What did he make out of it?

A puppet.

What did he call his puppet?


What did Pinocchio say in the end?

Pinocchio said “I’m glad to be a real boy. I’ll never lie again.”

Class 4 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Pinocchio – Summary

This story is taken from the Story of Pinocchio. There was a carpenter who bought a piece of wood so when he was working on it the wood started laughing and then the carpenter made a wooden puppet face. So when the eyes were completed it started to move and the carpenter was surprised and then when he finished the face.

He took the carpenter’s wig and put it on his head. Then when the carpenter turn around his nose and tongue grew more. Carpenter made the legs and hands and taught Pinocchio to walk and go to school. But there he was always misbehaving and looking for fun and ran away.

When the carpenter asked him the reason he is not going he told him a lie. Then his nose grew more and he understood that whenever he is misbehaving or telling a lie his nose is growing. Then he promised himself that he will never lie and he is happy to be a real person.

4th English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Word Meaning
CarpenterWho works on wood
PlaneFlat surface
Took shapeMaking a shape from different shape
StiffRigid, unbendable
DecidedFinal selection