NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 1 The Donkey, Unit 6 Chapter 2 I had a Little Pony and Unit 6 Chapter 3 The Milkman’s Cow with summary of the chapters. Take help in Questions answers, word meaning, match the words, blank space filling and other questions related to all the three chapters of unit 6 Class 4 English. If you are using mobile for study, download Class 4 English Solution App available on Play Store and App Store free.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Unit 6

Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 1 Question Answers

Another word for Wallop is ______. Would the child hit the donkey?

Another word for Wallop is Hit. No.

What would the child give the donkey?

The child would give some Corn.

What did the lady do to the pony?

She whipped and lashed the pony.

What did the child decide to do?

To never lends the pony to the lady again.

Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 1 The donkey – Summary

Margaret S. Russel teaches us in the story that every Animals deserve love. She says in the poem that if she would have a little donkey, she would never beat him. Instead of that she would take it to the hay and fed him some corn and make him the world’s greatest donkey.

Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 2 I had a little pony – Summary

The poet in this poem sharing the incident. She had a pony named Dapple – Grey, she lent him to a lady to ride but that lady lashed him and made him go through the mire. After that, she promised herself that she would never lend her pony to any lady to ride.

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4th English Unit 6 Chapter 2 Word Meaning
Word Meaning
DonkeyA animal
LendGiven to someone for sometime
LashedBeating with long-tail made of heavy leather
MireSwampy area
HireTaking on rent

Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 3 Question Answers

Why did the cow refuse to get up?

The cow was in a bad mood.

Name those who tried to make the cow move?

The Milkman, The Policeman, The wrestler, The grocer.

Who finally made the cow get up and how?

The boy held out a sheaf of tasty green the cow began to chew then he led her to the side.

Class 4 English Unit 6 Chapter 3 The Milkman’s Cow – Summary

This story was written by Vidhya Pradhan which tells us when the force and cruelty fail kindness always wins. The Story of a milkman and his cow. His cow was in a bad mood and the milkman was making a great effort to take him home to milk him as children were waiting for the milk. Seeing milkman doing struggle and praying to the cow. The policeman came with a stick and wearing a gleaming belt to help he pulled and tugged the cow but the cow didn’t move and the wrestler, grocer, and Ice cream man also joined to help the milkman to make his cow move out of the street but the cow didn’t move.

Finally, a kid came with grass and offered the grass to the cow and the cow start eating and stood up, and then the milkman took the cow home. Seeing the little kid’s kindness and cleverness, the milkman applauds and the police swung his stick and wrestler grind.

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