Class 3 Hindi Grammar or Hindi Vyakaran all chapters covering the syllabus for session 2024-25 updated as per new curriculum are given here. All the chapters are updated and simplified in such a way that student can understand easily.

Class 3 Hindi Grammar (Vyakaran Bhag 3)

Important Topics in Hindi Grammar or Hindi Vyakaran

Continuing from class 2 children would learn and revise BHASHA AUR VYAKARAN, SHABD VICHAR and other important topics – but new topics are like LING, KRIYA, VILOM SHABD and other similar topics. Certain topics like SANGYA, SARVNAM, VISHESHAN, and letter writing will be continued in class 3 Hindi Grammar. New topics like use of MUHAVARE and use of VARTMAN, BHOOT and BHAVISHYA KAAL are also introduced in class 5 Hindi Vyakaran. Class 5 students will practice here writing KAHANI and SANVAD with suitable title.

Need of Hindi Vyakaran in Class 3

In class 3, children learn new concepts like KRIYA and VAKYA, ANEK KE LIE EK SHABD, VILOM SHABD, and SAMANARTHI SHABD. They realize the importance and richness of the subject. Higher the knowledge of type of SANGYA, more is the creativity in writing. Further, the correct use of SARVNAM with comma and apostrophe can alter the meaning of the sentence altogether. Teacher should give practical examples to show how wrong usage of SANGYA or SARVNAM.

Syllabus of Class 3 Hindi Grammar

The application of statements and different types of sentences should be mastered particularly in VARTMAN KAAL and BHOOT KAAL. Further, SHABD VICHAR, VARN AUR VARNMALA helps the children to write and learn the term of grammar. Since, all the parts of speech are covered in class 3, children should be able to identify the different parts of speech.

They should also be made to understand how the same word can be used as a different part of speech in different contexts like ANEK KE LIE EK SHABD. Letter writing should be revised. Students are expected to familiarize themselves thoroughly with the practice of KRIYA and KRIYA VISHESHAN.

Main topics to be focused in Class 3 Hindi Grammar

Students should learn to frame paragraphs and write small essays, letters and answer simple questions. They should, by now, master the use of LING or gender. They should learn correct use of SANGYA. They have to learn how SARVNAM take place in place of SANGYA. VACHAN and LING are the common error made by students. So, learn the rules to use it correctly. These small but significant matters should be mastered – otherwise students score low marks in higher classes.

How important is APATHIT GADHYANSH?

APATHIT GADHYANSH means understanding the idea behind a paragraph. For that to happen students should have a rich vocabulary. New words should be introduced to students on day to day basis. These can be also displayed on coloured charts in the classroom.

How important are the BHASHA AUR VYAKARAN chapter in 3rd Hindi Grammar?

To fetch good marks in language, not only the language is important but the correct use of all punctuation words are important People tend to forget the interrogations mark, question mark and the exclamation mark. This could result in deduction of marks.