Get here NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Book all chapters updated for new academic session 2024-25. All the chapters of Environmental Studies class 1 are now updated to latest mode. Chapters of Class 1 EVS are designed here in simplified format.
Chapter Wise Class 1 EVS Solutions
Chapter 1. Our Body
Chapter 2. Care of Body Part
Chapter 3. Our Food
Chapter 4. Water
Chapter 5. Our Clothes
Chapter 6. Our House
Chapter 7. My Family
Chapter 8. My School
Chapter 9. Safety Rule
Chapter 10. Plant around Us
Chapter 11. Animal around Us
Chapter 12. Means of Transport
Chapter 13. Useful Places
Chapter 14. Know about the Day
Chapter 15. Our Helpers
Chapter 16. The Sky about Us

Class 1 EVS Study Material

The book for class 1 EVS latest version adds many features for the understanding of surrounding. It contains more relevant contents for EVS of 1st standard students. The class 1 Environmental Studies book consists of MCQ or Multiple Choice Questions, and interesting practice questions based on surroundings. There are variety of questions like short and long answer type questions, True and False, fill in the blanks, match the following and other simple creative activities for the revision.

Practice and Projects in Class 1 EVS

Tasks in class 1 EVS include projects, research activities, fun games, field trips, discussions, case studies and creative writing. It also includes investigations based question answers and role play like activities. Class 1 Environmental studies book helps in simulations, reading and interpreting the data, as well as arts and crafts activities that help children translate theory into practice does. There is a special section on life skills to develop thinking.

Improvement in Social and Emotional Skills

Class 1 EVS book helps the kids to about social and environmental skills. The exam papers are as per the new format of CBSE. Students of class 1 try to correlate with nature through EVS and get a good practice in Hindi or English alphabets (alphabet letters and consonants). They learn here two, three or more letters Hindi and English word formation. EVS book help to enhance the Listening, Writing and Speaking (Vowels), English Alphabet, Phonetics, and Writing Numbers in a fun learning way.

Class 1 EVS Topics and Question Answers

EVS in class 1 stands for Environmental Studies. As a subject, it can be considered a prelude to science. In grade 1 EVS, students need a stepping stone before entering more serious subjects such as primary science, which is a perfect bridge. EVS basically encompasses everything that talks about the general environment, nature and the conservation and preservation of Earth and its elements. This is very important, especially nowadays. Students should be educated about the value and importance of natural resources and the urgent need for conservation. Get here all the topics and Question Answers of Class 1 EVS.

Syllabus and ways of Class 1 EVS Study

In terms of studying, class 1 students don’t have to do much. The biggest challenge is sitting down every day at a set time to study. This will only happen if students learn to follow this as a habit. Establishing full-time study will benefit the child’s educational future. One way to get kids to sit down to study regularly is to make the chapters and answers easy and interesting to read. Tiwari Academy provides Class 1 EVS solution which is very simple and easy to understand so kids won’t have any problem while reading the topic.

NCERT Solution for EVS Class 1 provides students with an easy and planned way to approach the class tests or exams. Grade 1st EVS Solutions are prepared by subject matter experts who have made sure that the content provided is the best and most compact content on the internet. Our solutions come with systematic explanations and help students who want to quickly but completely review and learn the topics. Exams aren’t easier, but our solution is the easiest one.

What are the benefits of using class 1 EVS Solution?

Chapter Wise PDF Download Class 1 EVS for students has many benefits. They will be able to clarify the concept of EVS chapter easily. Referring to the solution will help students of grade 1 supplement the curriculum correctly. Class 1 EVS solutions have been designed by Tiwari Academy experts and are easy to understand. Experts use simple and easy-to-understand language to explain important concepts to students. This way, students can easily develop a solid understanding of EVS Grade 1 concepts. NCERT Solutions by Tiwari Academy are based on CBSE guidelines. Thus, students can refer to the solution and determine the exam pattern. They can understand how to answer various questions as per CBSE standards. This will increase kid’s efficiency and help them score well in their exams.

How many books for CBSE Class 1 EVS?

As per NCERT or CBSE, there is no book for class 1 EVS. One book has been prescribed here in Class 1 to understand our environment. EVS is an important topic in study because it teaches children to care for the environment in which they live. Solutions from Tiwari Academy help clarify these concepts. They are easily available online and can also be downloaded for free. The answer is very simple and can be easily achieved.

Where can I get NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 1?

Tiwari Academy offers complete solution for EVS class 1. This solution is easy for kids or young children to understand. It is given in simple language. It helps children to learn the topic easily but thoroughly. These solutions are developed by experts aiming to provide easy and interesting understanding to the students. Tiwari Academy makes learning fun for students. Reading solution students can prepare the syllabus in less time.

Last Edited: November 24, 2022