NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 7 My Family in English Medium updated for CBSE session 2024-25 with exercises and assignments. In class 1 EVS chapter 7, kids learn about the relations in families and learn through interaction.

My Family Members

We all live in a family. Father, mother and their children make a family.
Families are of three types:
1. Small family
2. Big family
3. Joint family
Parents and their one or two children make a small family. We have a small family. A small family has two children and parents. So a small family has four members. A small family has limited basic needs, has little expanses and so the children can be looked after well. Parents and their more than two children make a big family. A big family has more than two children. A big family has more than four members.

My neighbours Abhay and Neha have a big family. A big family needs a big house and their expenses too are more. Grandparents, parents, and their children, uncle, aunt and cousins live together in a joint family. A joint family has grandfather, grandmother, parents, uncle-aunt, brother and sister living together in the same house. A joint family has much more expenses even those of than those of a big family. In this type of family the needs of every family member are kept in mind.
We must love each other in family. We must respect our elders in family. We all must stay happily in family. A loving family is always a happy family.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 7 Multiple Choice Questions


I live in a family which is

[A]. Small
[B]. Big
[C]. Joint
[D]. Medium

A joint family also have mother, father, children and

[A]. Mother
[B]. Father
[C]. Children
[D]. Grandparents

Grandfather is

[A]. Father’s mother
[B]. Father’s father
[C]. Uncle
[D]. Aunt

Small family has father, mother and

[A]. Cousins
[B]. Grandparents
[C]. Children
[D]. Uncle
Riddle Me
    1. I am your father’s father. I am your ______ father.
    2. I am your mother’s mother. I am your ______ mother.
    3. I live in a _______.
    4. I have a bath in the _______.
    1. Grand
    2. Grand
    3. House
    4. Bathroom
Class 1 EVS Chapter 7 MCQ

Which type of family has at least five members?

[A]. Small family
[B]. Big family

The head of a family is

[A]. Uncle
[B]. Father

My family has members

[A]. Five
[B]. Four

My sister reads

[A]. In class 11th
[B]. In nursery

A small family is a

[A]. Happy family
[B]. Sad family
State True or False
    1. We all live in a family.
    2. All families are big.
    3. A joint family is a small family.
    4. We must respect our elders.
    5. We must live happily in a family.
    1. T
    2. F
    3. F
    4. T
    5. T
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