NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 9 Safety Rule and its necessity in day to day life. Points given here are updated for new academic session 2024-25. It is useful for CBSE and state board kids to complete the syllabus of class 1 Environmental studies.

Safety Rules

To be safe is very important. We must be careful while using the objects. We must follow safety rules if we don’t want to get hurt and don’t want to hurt anyone. Do not play with sharp object. It may hurt us. Do not play with matchsticks. Stay away from hot and danger things like iron, heater etc. They can burn your skin. Don’t try to set off fireworks on your own, ask your parents for help. Do not try to reach things placed at a height, you could fall and break a bone. Do not take any medicine without any doctor’s advice on your own. Wrong medicines can harm someone.

Do not lean over the bus window or the railing of the building. You can fall and get badly injured. Do not put your fingers and any conducting metals into the plug points. You may get an electric shock. Do not throw things out of the window. You may hurt someone. Do not play or run on the road. It is very dangerous. Follow all safety rules and be safe. If you get hurt, tell your teacher or parents for immediate treatment.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 9 MCQ


It is a sharp object

[A]. Stick
[B]. Iron
[C]. Blade
[D]. Book

Safety rules keeps us

[A]. Tall
[B]. Safe
[C]. Healthy
[D]. Big

Playing on the roads is very

[A]. Dangerous
[B]. Good
[C]. Safe
[D]. Right

Do not play with

[A]. Doll
[B]. Toys
[C]. Match box
[D]. Ball

Safety on the Road

    • Always walk on the footpath.
    • Cross the road at the zebra crossing.
    • Look at the traffic light. Cross the road when signal is green for you.
    • Do not play on the road.

Safety in the Bus

    1. Stand in a queue at the bus stop and do not push anybody. Join the queue at the tail-end.
    2. Do not board or alight a moving bus, as this may result in injury.
    3. Do not talk loudly in the bus.
    4. Do not lean out of the windows.
    5. Do not travel on the footboard.
Fill in the Blanks

1. We should not play ________.
(a) On the road
(b) In the playground
(c) In the park

2. We should use a ________ while swimming.
(a) Towel
(b) Swimming Tube
(c) Cap

3. We should not play with _________.
(a) Ball
(b) Doll
(c) Fire

1. (a) On the road
2. (b) Swimming Tube
3. (c) Fire

Safety at Home
    1. Do not play with sharp objects like knives, scissors and blades, you may get cuts.
    2. Do not touch electric wires, fans, heaters, switches and iron.
    3. Do not play with fire.
    4. Do not take medicines on your own.
    5. Do not fly kites on the terrace.

Safety in the Classroom

    • Do not jump on the benches or desks.
    • Do not throw dusters and chalk on others.
    • Do not slip on the railing.

Safety in the Playground/Swimming Pool

    1. Always play a safe game.
    2. Use a swimming tube while swimming.
    3. Do not go alone for swimming.
    4. Always swim in shallow water.
    5. Do not push or pull your friends.
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