NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 4 Water prepared for CBSE and State board student’s academic session 2024-25. Get here exercises based on activities and practice questions on uses of water and its significance.

Water – Precious for us

Water is very important for all. We cannot live without water. Our life is not possible without water. It is our second basic need. Water is ‘life’. We use water in many ways in our daily life such as for cooking, washing clothes, bathing, cleaning, watering the plants, giving water to the cattle, etc. Even three fourths of our earth’s surface is covered with water. Pure water has no color, smell, taste and shape. It takes the shape of vessel in which it is kept. A healthy man needs 5 liters of water per day. 70% of our body weight is made up of water.

Class 1 EVS Chapter 4 MCQ


We need water to

[A]. Play
[B]. Sleep
[C]. Drink
[D]. Study

Water is important part of our

[A]. Food
[B]. Life
[C]. Kitchen
[D]. Games

It is purest natural form of water

[A]. Rain
[B]. Tap
[C]. Hand-pump
[D]. River

We get water from different

[A]. Taps
[B]. Wells
[C]. Sources
[D]. Handpumps

Fill in the Blanks

    1. Water is used for _______.
    2. There are many ______ of water.
    3. _______ need water for bathing and drinking.
    4. We must drink _______ or filtered water.
    5. We cannot live without _______.
    6. We should always drink ______ water.
    7. Impure water can cause _______.
    8. Water is one of the basic needs of our _______.


    1. Drinking
    2. Sources
    3. Animals
    4. Boiled
    5. Water
    6. Pure
    7. Diseases
    8. Life
Class 1 EVS Chapter 4 Multiple Choice Questions

The most important use of water is

[A]. Drinking
[B]. Bathing
[C]. Cooking

The main source of water is

[A]. River
[B]. Sea
[C]. Rain

We must drink–water

[A]. Clean
[B]. Dirty
[C]. Salty

We must use _____ water to bath.

[A]. Less
[B]. More
[C]. No
Sources of water

We get water from rain. Rain water collects in rivers, ponds, wells, lakes and seas. Water is also found in the form of vapors, fog and clouds. We should always use only pure water. Impure water may cause many diseases. We should clean water by putting in it chlorine tablets. Utensils filled with water should be kept covered and out of the reach of children.

Germs in water can also be destroyed by boiling water. Water is very important for health. We can stay healthy only by taking pure water. Even trees and plants get dry without water. Water is used for irrigation and for running big factories. Electricity is produced from water. So, water is very important. Animals need water for Drinking and Bathing. Plants need water for growth.

Ways to Save Water

We get water from many sources. Pond, River, Tap, Hand pump, Lake, Rain and Well. Rain is the main source of water. It is purest natural form of water. We must drink boiled or filtered water. It is safe. We must drink at least 7-8 glasses of water every day. It keeps us healthy.
Ways to Save Water:

    • Use as much as water you need.
    • Close the tap after use.
    • Do not waste water.
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