NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 1 Our Body with question answers updated for CBSE and State board 2024-25. Get here practice material to study about the parts of the body. After doing class 1 EVS chapter 1, must do revision questions to revise the chapter.

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Our body

Our body could be a machine. It’s 2 forms of organs— External organs and Internal organs. The elements of our body that we will able to} see and bit are known as external organs. A number of the external organs are the pinnacle, the arms, the legs, the eyes, the ears, the nose and also the tongue.

What number additional elements of the body are you able to name? Write the names of a minimum of four of them.
The elements that are within the body are known as Internal organs. A number of the internal organs are the brain, the heart, the lungs and also the abdomen. Eyes are to see.

Functions of Part of Body

Ears are to hear. Nose is to smell. Mouth is to speak and to eat. Teeth are to chew food items. Tongue is to taste. Skin is to feel. Hands are to work, clap, write,
hold and pray. We have ten fingers. Legs are to walk, run and play. All of us have the same parts of the body. But we all look different from each other. The parts of the body are different in size, shape and color.

Test your self – MCQ

We have only one

[A]. Teeth
[B]. Ear
[C]. Nose
[D]. Finger

Ears helps us to

[A]. See
[B]. Hear
[C]. Feel
[D]. Walk

We can clap by our

[A]. Legs
[B]. Arms
[C]. Fingers
[D]. Hands

We can see with our

[A]. Eyes
[B]. Nose
[C]. Ears
[D]. Mouth
Write T for True and F for False statement:
    1. Tongue is to taste.
    2. Each part of the body has a name.
    3. All people have the same body parts.
    4. All people look the same.
    1. T
    2. T
    3. T
    4. F
NCERT Solutions for Class 1 EVS Chapter 1
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