NCERT Solutions for Class 2 EVS – Environmental Studies updated for CBSE session 2024-25. Get here all list of chapters of grade 2 EVS in English Medium. Below are chapter wise NCERT Solutions for EVS Class 2. Solutions are provided in detail by EVS experts in step by step explanation. Follow the chapter wise solution to understand the concept.
Chapter wise Class 2 EVS Solutions
Chapter 1. Growing Up
Chapter 2. Our Sense Organs
Chapter 3. Food and Water
Chapter 4. Clothes to Wear
Chapter 5. Different House
Chapter 6. Our Daily Routine
Chapter 7. Celebrations with Family
Chapter 8. Festivals We Celebrate
Chapter 9. Our Neighbours
Chapter 10. Animals and their Shelters
Chapter 11. Natural Man-made Things
Chapter 12. Weather and Seasons
Chapter 13. Means of Communication
Chapter 14. The Earth
Chapter 15. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Class 2 EVS Study Material and Assignments

Get here class 2 EVS NCERT Solutions with study material and assignments which is available to download from our website. Students can easily download the study material for a specific chapter. The content is well organized and includes various highlights from the chapters compiled by subject matter experts. Students will find grade 2 EVS content simple, clear and efficient when logging in for exams. You can get here the guaranteed detailed and well-explained solutions.

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Chapter Wise Class 2 Environmental studies

There are total 15 chapters in class 2 EVS book given here. There is not any book for class 2 EVS published by NCERT. This additional EVS Class 2 contains 15 knowledgeable chapters with various story questions. The concept of the chapter was asked in different questions through different approaches like fill in the blanks, activities, true false and similar other terms. Some questions may be in a difficult approach but the subject matter experts made the concept very simple.

Created by our subject experts, the content is compact and easy to understand for young children from Standard 2. Chapters have pictorial representations and may not be difficult for students to fully understand. Our NCERT EVS Class 2 Solutions have been created to cater to young minds.

Class 2 EVS Simplified Solutions

In Class 2 EVS each chapter has an important lesson. These chapters are mainly focused on the environment, components and all different aspects of nature. 2nd Environmental book also talks about how we should protect the environment and the many gifts of nature. Students should not skip any topic and should concentrate on everything. It is recommended to read the chapter first and then go for practice question answers and activities. This will help them understand better. The language used in assignment is simple and easy for students to learn without compromising the quality of the answers. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the concepts covered in a particular chapter.

Notes of Class 2 EVS Chapters

Class 2 students learn about Environmental Studies or EVS as one of their main subjects. This is a subject that teaches about the environment, natural resources, conversation and more. Students will be able to gain a lot of knowledge from the EVS Class 2 chapter which is covered in detail. The 2nd grade EVS syllabus is a lot, it has 15 chapters. These chapters explore various concepts of social and moral importance. Students learn a lot about the world around us through these chapters. With the help of EVS class 2 guide provided by Tiwari Academy experts, students can gain a lot of insight into the topics of EVS.

Salient Feature of Class 2 EVS Solutions

The class 2 EVS solutions have been prepared by our experts who provide accurate and reliable answers to the students. With these solutions one can easily complete the extensive syllabus and understand all the important subjects properly. Class 2 EVS solutions contains explanations, examples and descriptions to make learning easier for students. These concepts are explained to the students with the help of pictures, graphs, tables, diagrams etc. So there is no doubt that these solutions will help the students a lot.

How to prepare for Class 2 EVS during the Exams?

EVS for class 2 is one of the most important subjects. Many questions are repeatedly repeated in the exam, which prepares from the study material improves the score of the student. Papers for EVS Grade 2 usually follow a pattern consisting of three main parts, namely: Observation, Identification with classification and Fact finding. The section then consists of very short answer (VSA) and short answer (SA). Sometime there may be long answer (LA) type questions also.

How to make the study of Class 2 EVS easier?

The answers given here, are suitable for students to read and understand the topic easily. The solutions provided not only cover all the topics but also provide deep knowledge to the students for whom the topics are not easy to understand. Usually 2nd class students find it difficult to learn from NCERT but with our solution it is easy. The solutions provided have been stacked and systematically explained to reduce students’ time and effort.

How to download the best study material for Class 2 EVS?

Class 2 EVS Solutions have been prepared and compiled by a team of subject experts who have ensured that the content remains compact, simple and interesting. The study material comes with important points, explanations and examples to reduce your pre-exam stress and is a great tool for quick revision. There are many diagrams, table columns, and graphic organizers that make learning more interactive and engaging for students. It also gives you a good idea of how to write your answer.

Last Edited: November 26, 2022