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Means of Communication

Communication means sharing our ideas, views and information with others.
It becomes one of the basic needs of human beings because:
• We can send messages
• We can receive messages
• We can exchange thoughts
• We can express ideas
Communication with others is done with the help of means of communication. Mainly it can be divided in four ways:

    • Speaking
    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Writing

Class 2 EVS Chapter 13 MCQ


We can talk from it and carry it anywhere

[A]. Phone
[B]. Newspaper
[C]. Radio
[D]. Mobile phone

It can give us any information

[A]. T.V.
[B]. Internet
[C]. Radio
[D]. Newspaper

Printed means of communication

[A]. Computer
[B]. Newspaper
[C]. T.V.
[D]. Letters

Cheapest means of communication

[A]. E-mail
[B]. SMS
[C]. Letters
[D]. Newspaper

In olden days, sign to send messages had been used. For example drum beats, lit fire, smoke signals, flags etc. Some people also used pigeons to send messages. Today, there are various types of communication available. These are very fast.
Writing has been used from a long time for communication ways of post:

    • It is the cheapest means of communication.
    • Post Letter-Letters are sent and received through Post a letter the post office.
    • Telegram – It is used to sent urgent messages. It is faster than a letter. It is used in emergency only.
Tick the right answer
    1. Urgent messages are sent by letters/telegrams.
    2. The fax machine is connected to telephone/radio.
    3. We can talk to someone on a radio/telephone.
    4. Newspaper is an electronic/printed means of communication.
    5. People can store information in the computer/television.


    1. Telegrams
    2. Telephone
    3. Telephone
    4. Printed
    5. Computer

Today, it is difficult to live without telephone. It is the fastest means of communication. One can have an instant talk to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Mobile Phone
It can be carried along with you as it is wireless. It is very convenient. You can talk on your mobile phone from anywhere to anyone. We can send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) also. We get many more features in it like games, calculator, internet, camera etc.

Fax, Newspapers and Radio Communication

Fax machine
It is connected to the telephone. It is used for sending or receiving written messages or pictures.
Newspapers, magazines and books are printed means of communication. They give us all information about the whole world and on different subjects. They keep us alert and increase our knowledge.
Radio is a popular means that gives information. It gives us the latest news. We call it Akashvani also. We can listen news, educational programmes, songs, music, discussions etc. also. Uneducated people (those who cannot read or write) can get benefit from it.

Today, computer is most popular means of communication. We can send and receive emails through the computer. Messages or information is sent and received very quickly. We can store information also. We can use internet through it. Gaining information about anything, anytime, anywhere is main purpose to use internet. Modern means of communication have made our lives fast and easy. Due to these, we all have come closer.

Television is very popular medium. We can watch and hear different programmes like news, sports, serials, movies etc. It can also be useful for uneducated people. We can also see the live telecast of events as and when they occur.

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