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Different Type of Houses

All of us need a shelter to live. We all live in a house. Our house is our shelter. The place we live in is called our house. We all live in some house. Birds and animals live also in their houses. A cow lives in a shed. Monkeys and owls live on trees. Birds make their nests to live in and honey bees live in beehives. In this way every family has a house where it lives happily. All the members of a family love their house. A family cannot live without a house. So, a house is our basic need.

There are many types of houses such as: Pucca house and Kuchcha house. Some houses are big and some houses are small. Some houses are made of grass and mud. These houses are called kuchcha houses. These houses are weak houses. Some houses are made of bricks, iron rods and cement. These houses are called pucca houses these houses are very strong. Some houses are multi-storeyd. A house should be open and airy and proper ventilation.

A house is useful for a family in many ways. A house gives us safety. It protects us from heat and cold also from storms. It protects us from strong winds and rain. It protects us from thieves and stray animals. Besides this it gives many facilities to the family members. All members of a family can sleep, work and live together in a house, comfortably. We cannot imagine to live without a house. So a house is our basic need.

Class 2 EVS Chapter 5 MCQ


We can fold this house

[A]. Carvan
[B]. House-boat
[C]. Tent
[D]. Igloo

Everyone need a

[A]. Igloo
[B]. House
[C]. Tent
[D]. Hut

It floats on water

[A]. Tent
[B]. Houseboat
[C]. Igloo
[D]. Carvan

A good house must be

[A]. Sunny
[B]. Clean
[C]. Airy
[D]. All of these
Fill in the blanks
    1. We live in a ________.
    2. A caravan moves on ________.
    3. Eskimos live in ________.
    4. Our house must be ________ and clean.
    5. A tent is made up of ________ cloth.


    1. House
    2. Wheels
    3. Igloo
    4. Neat
    5. Canvas
Different Types of Houses

Our house protects us from Heat, Rain, Cold, Storm, Robbers and Wild Animals. We feel safe in our house. Our house gives us: Rest, Peace and Comfort.
People live in different types of houses. People in different regions make different types of houses.
House-boats: House-boats are made of woods. It floats on water. Many people in Kashmir live in house-boats.

Caravans: Some people do not live at one place for longer period. They move from one place to another. So, they live in movable houses called caravans. A caravan moves on wheels. It is also pulled by animals.
Tents: A tent is made of canvas cloth. It can be folded. Scout’s children and soldiers live in tents.
Igloos: Eskimos live in igloos. An igloo is made up of snow. It is found in very cold region.

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