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Celebrations with Family

Celebration brings happiness and togetherness. We have lots of fun with our family members. We all enjoy these celebrations. relatives are called family festivals. We celebrate so many festivals at our homes. Each family looks happy on festivals. Festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Birthdays and weddings are two important family festivals which are celebrated with great pomp and show. People wear colorful clothes on the festivals. People dance, sing and laugh together on these festivals. Feasts are also held on these festivals. On these festivals children enjoy very much. Besides these some other common festivals are also celebrated in the family.

Class 2 EVS Chapter 7 MCQ


Celebrations makes us

[A]. Sad
[B]. Tired
[C]. Happy
[D]. Restless

We cut the cake on our

[A]. Marriage
[B]. Birthday
[C]. Festival
[D]. Celebration

In the party, we like to

[A]. Dance
[B]. Sleep
[C]. Fight
[D]. Shout

We enjoy lots of food in a

[A]. School
[B]. Home
[C]. Party
[D]. Room

Write T for true and F for false statement:

    1. Children like to celebrate their birthday.
    2. All wear old clothes on wedding.
    3. Wedding is a sad occasion.
    4. Children give blessings to their parents on festivals.
    5. Celebrations bring happiness.


    1. T
    2. F
    3. F
    4. F
    5. T
Fill in the blanks
    1. We have lot of fun on ________.
    2. A wedding is a grand ________.
    3. We celebrate some special days with ________.
    4. Guests give the ________ to the birthday child.


    1. Celebrations
    2. Celebration
    3. Family
    4. Gift

Two things that we see in a:

    • Birthday: Cake, gifts.
    • Diwali festival: Crackers, sweets.
    • Wedding: Dance, newly-wed couple.
Celebrations in Birthday, Mariage and Festival

Birthday Celebration:
In birthday celebration, parents arrange a party. Friends and relatives are invited. They all give good wishes and gifts to the child. All enjoy the cake, different food, dance, etc. All have fun in the party.

Marriage/Wedding Celebration:
Sometimes, we have a wedding celebration. A wedding is a grand celebration. We all wear new clothes and enjoy the different types of food. All the guests wish and bless the newly-wed couple. There is lot of music, dance, games and fun.

Festival Celebration:
The family members also celebrate festivals together. They greet each other. All wear new colorful clothes and enjoy eating special dishes. They do lots of things together.

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