NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar verbs, modals, noun, participles, adjectives, Tenses, etc., updated for new academic session 2023-24. NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Grammar contains all the topics of NCERT Textbook prescribed by CBSE Curriculum 2023-24. The topics of Clss 6 English NCERT Grammar Textbook are Sentences, Noun, Pronoun, adjectives, Determiners, Verb and its kind, finite and infinite verbs, use of present, past and future tense in verbs, Preposition, Conjunction, Interjection, Notice, Summary, Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing, Story Writing and Letter Writing.
Chapter Wise Class 6 English Grammar
Chapter 1. A sentence
Chapter 2. Parts of the Sentence
Chapter 3. Nouns
Chapter 4. The Noun – Numbers
Chapter 5. Noun Genders
Chapter 6. The Noun – Case
Chapter 7. A Pronoun
Chapter 8. The Adjective
Chapter 9. Determiners
Chapter 10. The Verb – Kinds of Verbs
Chapter 11. Verbs and Their Forms
Chapter 12.Verbs Finite, Non-finite Forms
Chapter 13.Special Finite Verbs
Chapter 14. Simple Tenses
Chapter 15. Verbs – Continuous Tenses
Chapter 16. Verbs – Perfect Tense
Chapter 17. Verbs – Perfect Continuous Tense
Chapter 18. Adverb
Chapter 19. The Preposition
Chapter 20. Conjunction
Chapter 21. Interjection
Chapter 22. Punctuation
Chapter 23. Active and Passive Voice
Chapter 24. Direct and Indirect Speech
Chapter 25. Vocabulary and Word Power
Chapter 26. Notice
Chapter 27. Summary Writing
Chapter 28. Comprehension
Chapter 29. Paragraph Writing
Chapter 30. Essay Writing
Chapter 31. Story Writing
Chapter 32. Letter Writing

Class 6 English Grammar for 2023-24

Class: 6English Grammar
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Academic Year:2023-24

Class 6 English Grammar all topics

Class 6 Grammar Chapters are given below to study online. All the chapters are updated for new academic session 2023-24. The topics given below covers the entire syllabus as per the NCERT Textbooks issued for grade 6 English.

The Main Points of Class 6 English Grammar all Chapters

1. The Sentences

The main terms related to Class 6 Grammar Chapter 1 are an Assertive Sentence, Interrogative Sentences or Questions, an Imperative Sentence, Exclamatory sentences and an Optative Sentence.

2. Parts of the Sentences

The main two parts of a sentence is Subject and Predicate. The subject is the doer of an action whereas the predicate describes something about the subject to make the sentence meaningful.

3. The Noun or Nouns

Chapter 3 of Class 6 English Grammar focuses on Noun and its kinds. All the four kinds of Nouns are given here. These are Proper Noun, Common Noun, Material Noun and Collective Noun.

4. The Noun: Numbers

Topic Noun is continuing here with singular and plural format. It is also considered as uncountable and countable nouns. Rules for changing a singular noun into plural noun is also describe in chapter 4 of class 6 English Grammar.

5. Noun Gender

In chapter 5 of grade 6 English Grammar, we will discuss about the four genders in the English Language: Masculine Gender, Feminine Gender, Common Gender and Neuter Gender.

6. The Noun: Case

The cases in Noun like Subject Case, Objective Case, Dative Case, Vocative case and Possessive Case are given in Chapter 6 of standard 6 English Grammar.

7. The Pronoun

The complete definition of Pronoun and its seven kinds are given here. These seven kind are: 1. Personal Pronouns 2. Demonstrative Pronouns 3. Indefinite Pronouns 4. Relative Pronouns 5. Distributive Pronouns 6. Reflexive and Emphatic Pronouns and 7. Interrogative Pronouns.

8. The Adjectives

The Adjectives chapter describes how to make a meaningful Noun or Pronoun by adding a word. Kinds of Adjective are Descriptive Adjectives, Proper Adjectives and Interrogative Adjectives.

9. Determiners

Here we will study about Articles, Possessive Determiners, Demonstrative Determiners, Numeral Determiners and Quantitative Determiners.

10. The Verb: Kinds of Verb

There are various types of verbs. Each type is different in its usage. The kinds of verbs are Transitive Verbs, Intransitive Verbs, Linking Verbs, Auxiliary/Modal Verbs and Ditransitive Verbs.

11. Verbs and Their Forms

Chapter 11 of Class 6 English Grammar discuss about the verb forms. On the basis of manner in which verbs form their past, past participle and present participle, they are classified into two groups. One is Weak Verbs or Regular Verbs and the other is Strong or Irregular Verbs.

12. Verbs: Nou-Finite Forms

In Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 12, we will learn about the sentences in which verbs have different forms with different persons and tenses. We will learn more examples of Finite Verbs and non-Finite Verbs including the types of Non-Finite Verbs: Infinitives, Gerund and Participles.

13. Special Finite Verbs

Special finite verbs are about 27 in number. Some examples of these are, is, am, are, was, were, be, been, being, do, does, did, has, have, had, shall, will, should, would, can, could, may and might.

14. Verbs: Simple Tenses

There are three tenses: The Present Tense, the Past Tense and the Future Tense. Here we have to learn the use of verbs in Present Tense.

15. Verb: Continuous Tenses

How to use verbs in Present, Past and Future continuous tense. Complete explanation with example sentences are given to learn it in better way.

16. Verbs: Perfect Tenses

The Perfect Tense often is used with adverb like just, lately, already, recently, yet etc. In Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 16, we have to use Present, Past and Future perfect tense with proper forms of verbs.

There are total 32 Chapters in Class 6 English Grammar. All the chapters are explained well with suitable example and pictures.

17. Verb: Perfect Continuous Tenses
18. Adverb
19. The Preposition
20. The Conjunction
21. The Interjection
22. Punctuation Marks and Capital Letters
23. Active and Passive Voice
24. Direct and Indirect Speech
25. Vocabulary and Word Power
26. Notices
27. Summary Writing
28. Comprehension (Unseen Passage)
29. Paragraph Writing
30. Essay Writing
31. Story Writing
32. Letter Writing

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