Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 14 Simple Tenses. The use of a verb to show the time of an action or event is called its tense. There are three tenses: the Present Tense, the Past Tense and the Future Tense. For example, I write a letter. (Present time), I wrote a letter yesterday. (Past time), I shall write a letter tomorrow. (Future time). Here the words write, wrote, shall write are verbs and show three periods of time; the time that is (Present), the time that was (Past), and the time that will be (future).

Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 14 Simple Tenses

Class: 6English Grammar
Chapter: 14Verbs: Simple Tenses

Simple Present Tense or Present Indefinite Tense

It tells us that the action is done. For example:

    • I learn my lesson. (Affirmative)
    • I do not/don’t learn my lesson. (Negative)
    • Do I learn my lesson? (Interrogative)
    • Do I not learn my lesson? (Negative Interrogative)
    • The peon rings the bell. (Affirmative)
    • The peon does not ring the bell. (Negative)

Simple Present Tense

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I sing a song. I do not sing a song. Do I sing a song?
We take tea. We do not take tea. Do we take tea?
It rains. It does not rain. Does it rain?
The girls dance. The girls do not dance. Do the girls dance?

Simple Past Tense

It tells us that the action was done in the past time.

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I sang a song. I did not sing a song. Did I sing a song?
He went to school. He did not go to school. Did he go to school?
The girls danced. The girls did not dance. Did the girls not dance?
We took tea. We did not take tea. Did we take tea?
It rained. It did not rain. Did it rain?

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The Future Indefinite Tense

The Future Indefinite Tense tells us about an action that is still to take place.

Affirmative Negative Interrogative
He will go to school. He will not go to school. Will he go to school?
The girls will dance. The girls will not dance. Will the girls not dance?
We shall take tea. We shall not take tea. Shall we take tea?
I shall sing a song. I shall not sing a song. Shall I not sing a song?
It will rain. It will not rain. Will it not rain?

Use of Verb with do/does/did in Negative and Interrogative sentences.

    1. Do you take a bath?
    2. Does she tell a lie?
    3. She does not play kho-kho?
    4. You do not fly a kite.
    5. Did he speak the truth?
    6. She did not comb her hair.

We use Verb to talk about things that are generally true.

    • The earth moves round the sun.
    • The rose smells sweet.
    • The light moves in a straight line.
    • Beauty needs no ornament.
Class 6 English Grammar Chapter 14 Simple Tenses
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