NCERT Solutions for class 5 all subjects Hindi, English, Maths, Environmental Studies, Hindi Vyakaran, Computer Science, English Grammar, Science, GK General Knowledge and EVS in Hindi and English Medium for session 2024-25.
Class 5 All Subjects Solutions
NCERTNational Council of Educational Research and Training Solutions are widely used by students across Bharat, including those in Class 5, primarily because the CBSE board recommends NCERT textbooks. Go through the Main Topics in Class 5. NCERT Solutions are important for Class 5 students because it provides the Comprehensive Understanding about the subjects.

Class 5 NCERT Solutions Apps
The NCERT solutions apps provide step-by-step explanations of problems and questions. This detailed approach ensures that students gain a complete understanding of the concept, making it easier for them to grasp and remember. Since NCERT textbooks are the primary reference for CBSE exams, the solutions derived from these textbooks are directly aligned with what students are expected to learn and be examined on.

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All the NCERT Solutions AppsNCERT Solutions Apps based on Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad are free to use online or download in PDF file format to use offline. All the contents are free to use without any login or password. Subject books and their solutions for standard 5 are given here, updated for academic session 2024-25.

Class 5 all subjects
Class: 5All Subjects Study Material
Contents:NCERT Solutions
Subjects:Hindi, English, Maths, Grammar, EVS
Medium:Hindi and English Medium
Solution Apps:Android and iOS

Subjects to Study in Class 5
In the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum for Class 5, students typically study a range of subjects that cover foundational concepts in various disciplines. The core subjects and the main topics covered under each are as follows:

Class 5 English
ProseThis includes short stories and lessons that aim to improve reading and comprehension skills.
PoetryPoems that introduce students to various literary devices and vocabulary.
GrammarTopics like tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, adjectives, and others.

Class 5 Maths
Number SystemLarge numbers, operations with large numbers.
GeometryBasic shapes, angles, lines, and symmetry.
ArithmeticAddition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, and multiples.
MeasurementLength, weight, volume, and time.
Data HandlingIntroduction to graphs and data representation.
DecimalBasic operations with decimals.

Class 5 Environmental Science (EVS)
Plants and AnimalsBasic characteristics, types, and their significance.
Human BodyBasic anatomy and functions of different body parts.
Natural ResourcesIntroduction to air, water, soil, and forests.
Our EnvironmentBasics about our surroundings, pollution, and conservation.
History and CivicsIntroduction to local and national history, famous personalities, and basic civics lessons about our country.

Class 5 Hindi
Path Yojna (Course Plan)This includes lessons in prose and poetry to enhance language skills.
Vyakaran (Grammar)Topics to enhance understanding of the language structure, such as viram chihn (punctuation), ling (gender), vachan (number), etc.
Rachna (Composition)Essays, letters, and other writing exercises.

Class 5 Computers (in most of the schools)
Introduction to Computers: Basics about computers and their functions.
MS Office: Basics of tools like MS Word, MS Paint, and sometimes MS Excel.
Internet: Basics of the internet and its uses.

Class 5 General Knowledge (in some schools)
Covers a broad range of topics including current affairs, historical events, discoveries, sports, and more.

Class 5 Art and Craft
Basic drawing, coloring, and craftwork.

Class 5 Physical Education
Physical exercises, games, and basic sports.

CBSE NCERT Books Solutions for Class 5 All Subjects

Having access to the solutions of all subjects allows students to cross-check their answers. This not only helps them identify areas they need to work on but also boosts their confidence when they get answers right. Regularly working with NCERT Solutions aids in consistent practice and revision. Over time, this reinforces knowledge and improves retention.

For subjects like Mathematics, the solutions provide methods and techniques to approach and solve problems. Learning through class 5 NCERT solutions can enhance students’ problem-solving skills. For subjects that require descriptive answers, like Environmental Science (EVS) or English, studying the solutions can give students a sense of how to structure their answers effectively.

Students can learn to solve problems more efficiently by studying the solutions, thereby improving their time management skills, especially during exams. Some topics can be challenging for students. NCERT Solutions provide clear explanations and breakdowns of such topics, making them more accessible. Since a majority of CBSE students across Bharat refer to NCERT textbooks, the solutions ensure that all students have a uniform source of reference, leading to consistency in the teaching and learning process.

The foundation laid in Class 5 is crucial for the higher classes. A strong grasp of Class 5 concepts, with the help of NCERT Solutions, will make it easier for students to understand and excel in subsequent classes. In conclusion, while 5th grade NCERT Solutions are a valuable tool for Class 5 students, it’s also important for students to actively participate in class, ask questions, and engage in discussions to foster a deeper understanding and love for learning.

CBSE Books Solutions of Subjects for Class 5

Ensure a good understanding of foundational concepts, especially in Mathematics (like basic arithmetic) and English (grammar and vocabulary). Teach your child to make brief notes while studying. It can be in the form of bullet points, diagrams, or mind maps. This will help during revision. Ensure your child has a balanced routine with time for play, hobbies, and relaxation. This promotes holistic development.

Solutions and study material for Class 5 Maths, Science, Social Science, EVS, English, Hindi, English Grammar, and Hindi Grammar are given here along with the updated NCERT Textbooks. If someone finds difficulty in getting the contents, please contact us for help. All the contents are free to use without any formal registration.

Class 5 all subjects Solutions
CBSE Class 5 Subject’s NCERT Solutions

Use worksheets and sample papers for regular assessments. Periodic tests will help identify areas of weakness and reinforce understanding. Encourage your child to participate in class discussions, group activities, and presentations to enhance their communication skills. Keep an eye on the CBSE official website for any updates or make a frequent visit to Tiwari Academy to updates, changes, or notifications related to Class 5 subjects.

Here, we are providing not only CBSE Books and their solutions but some extra books also. In this way students can get some extra knowledge and will be able to prepare their courses in an easy way. NCERT Books and Solutions for class 5 and their solutions are given with complete explanation. Extra books are also helpful for clearing the concepts regarding the subjects.

NCERT Books for class 5 issued by CBSE

As per CBSE board, there are total 5 books for a standard 5 students. These are Hindi, English, Urdu, Maths, and EVS (Environmental Studies). English Grammar and Hindi Vyakaran books are implemented by the schools to enhance the knowledge of students in language. There is no separate books for Science or Social Science for class 5. EVS book for class 5 covers the sections of Science and Social Science.

Regularly check in with your child’s teachers to understand their progress. Assist with homework when needed, but let your child try to solve problems independently first. Physical activity is essential for cognitive development and overall well-being. Always maintain a positive and encouraging environment at home. Recognize and celebrate your child’s achievements, no matter how small. This will boost their confidence and motivate them to do better.

How to get Good Marks in NCERT Class 5 Exams

Preparing for Class 5 in the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum involves a combination of academic planning, skill development, and cultivating good study habits. Get familiar with the subjects and topics that will be covered in Class 5. The primary subjects are Mathematics, English, Environmental Science (EVS), and Hindi. Understand the weightage given to different topics to plan your studies better. In Class 5 study article, we will introduce you to some of the tips to prepare for class 5 exams.

Step 1: Solve Examples and Activities along with Exercises in Maths.

Step 1: Solve Examples and Activities along with Exercises in Maths. There is a big jump from class 4th Maths knowledge to 5th, the gap is massive. Go through the examples questions and new concepts, its activities even. If you jump directly on the exercise to solve, can create a lot of confusion and frustrations. To make a perfect study buy or collect all textbooks prescribed for Class 5 by the CBSE. Collect workbooks, sample papers, and reference books to get additional practice. Build the bridge by practicing a lot. Expressions and Equations, Ratios are some of the chapters that are available with the basics. Though the Geometry chapter is something that you have done in the past, which required only practice to recall and you are good to go. Focus on all chapters and take help from your teachers, who can direct you to start early.

Step 2: Relate the study of EVS with daily life and surrounding Environment.

Step 2: Relate the study of EVS with daily life and surrounding Environment. The interaction between students’ teachers with effective communication is an important part of learning growth and development. Apparently, statistics show the decline in the competitiveness among the students. To make the EVS or Environmental Studies effective for you and all the students, participate during the classes 100%. Allocate specific times for each subject throughout the week. Incorporate short breaks between study sessions. Accept the fact that your answer is not going to be correct all the time. While reading discussion posts is waste of time, just focus on NCERT Books for Grade 5. On the other hand, participating in debates is the best option to build confidence and firm knowledge about the subject.

Step 3: Improve the Reading Habits – NCERT English Marigold 5.

Step 3: Improve the Reading Habits – NCERT English Marigold 5. Language subjects like English – Marigold 5, can be unpredictable and required one to be comfortable with reading long paragraphs. Set aside time for revision regularly. If your child is struggling with certain subjects or concepts, consider hiring a tutor or enrolling them in supplementary classes. If you’re not a reader, do not worry, start at small scale. Building the habit of learning is the first step which is going to help you in all the other subjects too. Start by reading your favorite subjects not only English and topics. Even if it is from a newspaper or graphic comics. Memorizing all is not always the solution, so try to summarise in other notebooks what you have learned about the characters, facts. Reading in small gaps will not burden your mind and makes you complete your target.

Step 4: Read the Poems and Stories given in NCERT Hindi Rimjhim 5.

Step 4: Read the Poems and Stories given in NCERT Hindi Rimjhim 5. There are two languages subject Hindi and English, theories are common in all these. To understand the theories, one is supposed to pay enough attention to reading and writing. Like you cannot build the entire house in one time, you have to build it brick by brick. Similarly, Reading NCERT Hindi Book Rimjhim stories will eventually make you love your books. This will give you the advantage to read the books even before anyone in the class. Tiwari Academy will help you with the other resources of Class 5 Hindi Solutions. Encourage the child to read the chapters even before they are taught in class. This will give them a head-start and make understanding concepts easier. For example, instead of reading you can watch the videos of fundamentals and stories on the website. Complete the exercise questions based once you have done them.

Step 5: Give importance to all subjects in Class 5.

Step 5: Give importance to all subjects in Class 5. There are various challenges to online learning, however, there are so many best qualities too. Studies say there is a rise in the satisfaction in education with online studies among students who had a proper set up. This is because the availability of material to study from is available. In Tiwari Academy, you will find all class 5th subjects solutions for which you do not have to pay expensive subscriptions. With practice, you will be able to master the skill to complete the subjects like mathematics and EVS. E-learning gives you the flexibility to complete the education at your pace and repeat the explanation many times. Inculcate the habit of reading storybooks, newspapers, and magazines to improve their reading skills and vocabulary. Use practical examples to explain theoretical concepts. For example, use everyday objects to explain mathematical concepts or conduct simple experiments to illustrate science topics.

How many books for Class 5 are there issued by CBSE?

There are total five books for class 5 students. Out of these three are language books (Hindi, English, and Urdu) and two subject books (Maths and EVS).
It’s important to note that while the above topics provide a general overview of what is covered in Class 5 CBSE, the exact syllabus and depth of topics can vary slightly based on the specific textbook used and the latest curriculum updates from CBSE. Always refer to the latest syllabus and textbooks to get a precise list of topics.

Is there any separate Science book from CBSE or NCERT?

Only EVS book is there, which covers the section of Science and Social Science.

Is there any Hindi or English Grammar books from CBSE or NCERT?

There is no Grammar books from CBSE or issued by NCERT.

Last Edited: October 8, 2023