NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Psychology in English Medium updated for academic session 2024-25. Class 12 Psychology NCERT question answers includes MCQ and Extra Important Questions for the preparation of CBSE and State board exams.
Chapter Wise Class 12 Psychology Solutions
Chapter 1. Variations in Psychological Attributes
Chapter 2. Self and Personality
Chapter 3. Meeting Life Challenges
Chapter 4. Psychological Disorders
Chapter 5. Therapeutic Approaches
Chapter 6. Attitude and Social Cognition
Chapter 7. Social Influence and Group Processes
Chapter 8. Psychology and Life
Chapter 9. Developing Psychological Skills

Class 12 Psychology NCERT Solutions and MCQs

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Simplified Solutions for Class 12 Psychology

The NCERT Solutions for class 12th Psychology are given here in simplified format. All the question answers along with practice questions and MCQ are also given for the exam preparation. Class 12 Psychology NCERT question answers are explained using suitable headings and bullet numbering. Students will find these Psychology question answers very easy to understand.

What is psychology?

Psychology has been introduced as an elective course in upper secondary education. As a field, psychology specializes in the study of people’s experiences, behaviour, and mental processes in socio-cultural and historical contexts.

Class 12 Psychology Important Questions and MCQ

The important questions and MCQ of each chapter are given here with answers and explanation. There are total 9 chapters as per CBSE syllabus for new session. These chapters are divided into seven units. The weightage and unit wise marks division are given below. It is advised that after completing the question answers given at the end of NCERT textbook of class XII Psychology, students must do the important questions and MCQ as a revision material. It will help the students to prepare for school tests as well as board exams.

Class 12 psychology Syllabus and its weightage in CBSE Board exam
There are total 7 units in Class 12 Psychology.

IVariations in Psychological Attributes13
IISelf and Personality13
IIIMeeting Life Challenges09
IVPsychological Disorders10
VTherapeutic Approaches09
VIAttitude and Social Cognition08
VIISocial Influence and Group Processes06
TotalUnit I to VII70
The Scope in Psychology in Class 12

It goes without saying that the potential for psychology as a career is enormous. Psychologists have a future in a variety of fields, including clinical psychology, industrial and organizational behaviour, school psychology, forensic psychology, sports psychology, rehabilitation, and cognitive neuroscience.

The Importance of Psychology in Class 12

Psychology is used to change behaviour to effect positive, positive, meaningful and lasting change in people’s lives and to influence better behaviour. Intended to influence, influence, or control. This is the last and most important goal of psychology.

Why do we study Psychology in class 12?

To develop an understanding of the human mind and behaviour in the context of the social and environmental contexts around the learner. To equip learners with an understanding of the nature of psychological knowledge and its application to various aspects of life.

What are the further scopes studying Psychology in class 12 as a main subject?

Students wishing to further their education in psychology can choose his/her MA or MSc in psychology after completing their undergraduate degree or apply to become a psychologist at a hospital, NGO, school or university. Candidates can also work as educational consultants in various companies, universities and schools.

What are the degrees after taking Psychology in Class 12?

There are various options available to psychology graduates, depending on your specialization and interests.

    1. Psychologist
    2. Psychotherapist
    3. Social workers
    4. Consultants
    5. Educational psychologist
    6. Human Resources Manager
    7. Teacher
    8. The role of research
    9. The Role of the Media.
Last Edited: September 6, 2022