Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ Variations in Psychological Attributes with explanation in English Medium for CBSE Exams 2024-25. Grade 12th Psychology chapter 1 MCQ and Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 Solutions are taken from the latest NCERT textbook and answers also confined to NCERT books.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ

Diya is a hard working girl who shows dedication, perseverance and perseverance. All your actions are intentional. Such qualities focus on the ____ aspect of integrative intelligence.
a) social skills
b) cognitive ability
c) Entrepreneurship
d) Emotional abilities

c) Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial skills combine creativity, initiative, problem-solving, ability to use resources, and knowledge of finance and technology. These competencies enable entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial employees to induce and adapt to change.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ Set 1


Name the psychologist who proposed the concept of IQ.

[A]. Alfred Binet
[B]. Theodor Simon
[C]. William Stern
[D]. Jack Naglieri

How is intelligence quotient measured?

[A]. IQ = MA + CA x 100
[B]. IQ = CA/MA × 100
[C]. IQ = MA/CA × 100
[D]. IQ = MA x CA x 100

The structure of the intelligence model is

[A]. Howard Gardner
[B]. Arthur Jensen
[C]. J.P. Guildford
[D]. Charles Spearman

Riya has very good verbal reasoning skills and is very interested in reading. She is more likely to succeed than

[A]. Athlete
[B]. Journalists
[C]. Engineers
[D]. Farmers

Given the PASS model of intelligence:
a) Binet, Terman and Kirby
b) Jacques Naglieri
c) J.P. Das, Jack Naglieri, and Kirby
d) None of the above.

c) J.P. Das, Jack Naglieri, and Kirby
Explanation:- J.P Das, Jack Naglieri, and Kirby created the PASS (Planning, Attention-arousal, and Simultaneous-successive)THEORY of intelligence (1994). They argued that an individual’s intellectual activity is determined by three functional units of the brain.

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ Set 2


________ Binet scale revised by Stanford University for US schoolchildren.

[A]. Changer
[B]. Spearman
[C]. Terman
[D]. Thurstone

Spearman says there are generative possibilities that humans use in adapting to different kinds of intellectual tasks. This factor is

[A]. Specific Factor
[B]. General Factor
[C]. Multi Factor
[D]. None of the above.

________ refers to an individual’s potential skill acquisition potential.

[A]. Intelligence
[B]. Aptitude
[C]. Interests
[D]. Personality

_____ refers to the abilities involved in forming, using, and transforming mental images.
a) Spatial
b) Musical
c) Naturalistic
d) Intrapersonal

a) Spatial
Spatial refers to the abilities involved in forming, using, and transforming mental images.Meaning of spatial is relating to the position, area, and size of things: This task is designed to test children’s spatial awareness

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ Set 3

Test to measure performance, i.e. predict what can be achieved in training

[A]. Proficiency Exam
[B]. Aptitude Exam
[C]. Intelligence Test
[D]. Interest Test

Two intelligence factors have been shown to be

[A]. Spearmen
[B]. Guilford
[C]. Gardener
[D]. Stannberg

Test results ______ If reliable, reproducible and consistent.

[A]. Disabled
[B]. Trusted
[C]. Enabled
[D]. Untrusted

Empirical Intelligence

[A]. Analysis of information
[B]. The ability to cope with the environment
[C]. Creative use of past experience
[D]. None of the above

An IQ below _______ is generally considered mentally retarded
a) 100
b) 70
c) 120
d) 110

b) 70
Scores on the IQ test fall along a normal (bell-shaped) curve with an average IQ of 100, and an individual with intellectual disability is typically 2 standard deviations below the average (with an IQ of less than 70).

Class 12 Psychology Chapter 1 MCQ Set 4

______ is an exceptional general ability demonstrated by excellent performance in a wide range of fields.

[A]. Talent
[B]. Hardwork
[C]. Intelligence
[D]. Giftedness

What is the IQ range for people with severe intellectual disability?

[A]. 25 to 39
[B]. 54 to 65
[C]. 40 – 54
[D]. 15 – 24

What is an individual’s preference for participating in one or more specific activities compared to others?

[A]. Value
[B]. Interest
[C]. Aptitude
[D]. Intelligence

Nia is a determined young lady, who shows responsibility, diligence and tolerance. All her way of behaving is objective coordinated. Such characteristics focus on _______ facet of integral intelligence.
a) Cognitive capacity
b) Emotional competence
c) Social competence
d) Entrepreneurial competence.

d) Entrepreneurial competence
Entrepreneurship competencies combine creativity, a sense of initiative, problem-solving, the ability to marshal resources, and financial and technological knowledge. These competencies enable entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial employees to provoke and adapt to change.