NCERT Solutions for Class 3 Science all chapters updated for new academic session 2024-25 free to use online or download in PDF. All the contents are given to use online in the format of PDF and Videos. In Class 3 Science, we will study about Living and Non-living Things, Plants and Birds, Food and Feeding Habits, Safety Rules and First Aid, an overview of Soil, Air and Water, whether and Earth including many other interesting topics of grate 3 Science.

Class 3 Science Study Material

Chapter 1. Living and Non-living Things
Chapter 2. Parts of a Plants
Chapter 3. The World of Birds
Chapter 4. Nestling Habits of Birds
Chapter 5. Food and Feeding Habits
Chapter 6. Our Body
Chapter 7. Housing
Chapter 8. Safety Rules and First Aid
Chapter 9. Staying Healthy
Chapter 10. Soil
Chapter 11. Air
Chapter 12. Water
Chapter 13. The Weather
Chapter 14. The Earth
Chapter 15. Heavenly Bodies in Outer Space
Chapter 16. Light, Sound and Force
Chapter 17. Measurements
Chapter 18. Rocks and Minerals

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Study of Living things, Plants and Birds in Class 3 Science

In Class 3 Science chapter 1, students will learn about the properties of living things like they can move, respire, reproduce and die. The difference between living and non-living things is also given here. In the chapter 2, parts of plants, we go through the different parts of plants and know about their significance. Chapter 3 of 3rd Science is focused on bird’s life. Student will learn here about the special features of birds to fly. The chapter 4 is just the continuation of the chapter 3. It shows how birds make nest for their shelters.

Class 3 Science covering the topics Animals Food and Our Health

In chapter 5 of 3rd Science, we will study about the food and feeding habits of animals. Here students will learn about the categories of animals according to their eating habits. The next chapter of 3rd Science describes about our body and sense organs. Chapter 7 in Class 3 Science deal with the various types of houses to live and the 8th chapter teaches us about the safety rules and First-Aid.

Learn about the Natural Resources in Class 3 Science

In Class 3 Science, we will briefly study about the resources Air, Water and Soil. The chapter 10 Soil in 3rd Science deals with various types of Soil differentiating the colour and particle size. Students will get the knowledge about layers of the soil in this chapter. Similarly the air chapter contains the description of various components of air and the ways to prevent it from pollution. In chapter 12 Water, students of Class 3 will study about the water and its different form depending on temperature.

Whether, Earth and Heavenly Bodies in Class 3 Science Syllabus

The chapter 13 of Class 3 Science provides us an overview about whether – Sun and clouds. It also describes the four seasons in India. Chapter 14 of 3rd Science introduces about the shape and size of Earth and more about it. Chapter 15 is very interesting for a grade 3 students as it provides a general idea about heavenly body and space programs. The last chapter generates the interest in Rocks and Minerals present in Earth Crest.